10 Small and Useful 1MB Android Apps

Android is one of most used operating systems in the world and apps for android are one of the most searched thing on the Google. If you are looking for the best and useful android apps, then you are at absolute right place. This blog post is all about 10 best, useful and small android apps. Android apps that can help you in screen recording, mobile customization, browsing and cleaning. 

Today, I'll tell you about Top and the Best apps which are very small of size less than 1MB. These apps are called 0MB apps because their size not even 1MB. These apps are very useful for different functions in your Phone. So, let's know about the Best, Useful and Small apps. 

Small and Useful Android Apps

There is a list of The Best and unique apps for your phone to do different things. By using these apps you can make searches very fast, you can customize your Home Screen and Launcher, you can Clean your phone, and Set different Gestures. 

This is the list of Small and Useful Apps under 1MB.

1- Click to Chat

Click to Chat for Whatsapp, this app has a size of 93KB, it has 5M+ downloads on Google Play Store, and 30k reviews by Public. It has 4.6 stars of rating.

Very useful app for Whatsapp users.  If you want to chat with someone on whatsapp you have to save his contact and then it shows in your WhatsApp. But by the help you this very small app, you just write the number in this app and it will open the chat in your WhatsApp in 1 second. 

You don't need to save the contact or have to waste your precious time on this. Just select the country and write the number, boom! You can chat now. 

2- VIA Browser

Via Browser has a size of 0.95MB. It has 10M+ downloads on Google Play Store. It has 4.2 stars rating and almost 100k+ reviews on Google Play Store.

What VIA BROWSER does? Via Browser is a browsing platform like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, but there is a difference lie among all these. VIA BROWSER can do searches very quickly because of its small size. Via Browser can reduce Loading time in your searches. It has more customization than any other Browser. 

Via has clean interference and minimalist look. You can enjoy browsing with a lighter browser and forget loading. Must try this app. 

3- Darker

Darker has a size of 81KB. It has 1M+ downloads on Google Play Store. It has 4.2 stars rating and 20k public reviews on Google Play Store. 

What Darker app does? Darker name shows its work. Darker can enable dark mode in your phone. It can add difference Screen Filters on Your Screen. Darker can adjust brightness of your phone by winning from phone. 

If you set the brightness in darker, you cannot change the brightness from your phone's default settings. You have change it from Darker. This helps you to remain on low brightness, if you are addicted to High Brightness. 

4- Lockwatch Thief Catcher

Lockwatch Thief Catcher app has size of 896KB. It has 5M+ downloads on Google Play Store. It has 4.6 stars rating and 90k public reviews on Google Play Store. 

This app is very much useful when your forget your phone anywhere or Your phone is stolen by someone. This app let you add a screen lock. And then tell the tries 1, 2 or 3. Add an em@il address in this app. 

This app is useful. If someone will try to unlock your phone and type a wrong password or draw a wrong pattern, this app will use front camera to capture that person's image and then it will send to your given Email address. And also uses GPS to tell you the location that where your phone is?

This helps you to find your lost phone stolen by someone or forgotten by you. Must use this app. 

5- Empty Folder Cleaner

Empty Folder Cleaner app has a size of 887KB. It has 1M+ downloads on Google Play Store. It has 4.4 stars of rating and 13k+ reviews on Google Play Store. 

Empty Folder Cleaner app cleans useless and empty folders from your device. If you are bored of huge number of folders in your device. If your phone's storage is full just because of useless folders and others files. You can clean many of them by this app. 

This app helps you to make your phone clean and Free of empty folders. This helps you to free up storage of your phone. 

6- Renegade Launcher 

Renegade Launcher has a size of 195KB. Renegade Launcher has 100k+ downloads on Google Play Store. It has 3.9 stars of rating and 700+ reviews on Google Play Store. 

Renegade Launcher is very small launcher which gives you options for customization. It is an Animated launcher. You can feel animation on single swipe and tap and drag. Must try this small launcher. 

7- Google Weather 

Google Weather is not an app. You even don't need to install this in your phone. It's a shortcut to your home screen, you can add this easily. 

There are many apps for weather checking and they are of very huge size before this small shortcut. The weather apps also contain ads in them. But this shortcut is free of ads. 

You can add this shortcut to your home screen by opening google app (not chrome) in your phone, search "Weather near me" and you will see this UI, go to options button and add this to your home screen. 

Google Weather

Google Weather tells you weather by detecting Your location automatically. It is very accurate in telling weather. It tells the weather of whole day hour by hour and also predict the weather of Tomorrow and coming 10 days. 

8- Easy Screen Recorder 

Easy screen recorder has a size of 854KB. It has 100k+ downloads on Google Play Store. It has 3.5 stars of rating and 800+ reviews on Google Play Store. 

Easy Screen Recorder can record your mobile screen. It does detect your screen size and resolution. Just open the app and set the resolution to 1920 × 1080 or any higher if available for your phone. Set the higher bit-rate and all other settings like fps. It supports 60 fps screen recording. 

Just go and install this App. This app doesn't have any watermark. So its easy to record tutorials and games. 

9- J Touch 

J Touch app a size of 628KB. It has 500k+ downloads on Google Play Store. It has 4.2 stars of rating and 5k+ reviews on Google Play Store. 

J Touch is an amazing app if you are using an old phone or you want to add custom gestures to your phone for opening options, for back , Home and recent apps buttons. It gives you many more customizations for gestures and other home screen options. 

10- Atomic Bomber

Atomic Bomber is a game and it has size of 851KB. It has 5M+ downloads on Google Play Store. It has 4.2 stars of rating and 80k+ reviews on Google Play Store.  

Atomic bomber is an addictive game that you can play. It is very simple game in which you attack on different vehicles. It's a simple game but you will play it again and again. Must try this tiny game. 



So, this was the list of best apps less that 1MB. These apps are 0MB apps having size less than 1024KB (1MB). There are millions of Android apps on the internet and it is quite difficult to find best, useful and unique apps for your phone. These above mentioned apps are one of the best apps under 1 MB. These apps are truly small and useful apps.


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