5 Best Mobile Shop Markets in Multan

Multan is one of the most famous and big cities in Pakitan. There are many markets for mobiles, accessories, and electronics in Multan. If you are looking for a list of some of the best mobile shop markets in Multan, you are at the right place. 

In this era of emerging technology, mobile phones or smartphones are one of the essentials for every individual. So, do you want to buy a mobile phone, accessories of mobiles, or any other related electronic device in Multan? 

Mobile Shops in Multan

There are a lot of mobile shops and markets in Multan. You can purchase your desired electronic devices from these markets. This list includes some of the trusted and well-known mobile markets and mobile shops in Multan. 

10 Best Mobile Shops in Multan Mobile Market

The location and contact number details are given with the markets. You can go to any of the markets nearby. Some of the markets are for electronic devices and accessories and some are for mobile phones, laptops, and other relevant devices. 

1- Mobile Phone Market

With a 4.2 star rating along with 1.9k+ reviews from local guides and customers, this market is one of the well-known markets in Multan. 

You can buy mobile phones from all the popular brands like Xiaomi, Infinix, Vivo, Samsung, and many others easily. 

Mobile Phone Market consists of many mobile shops and sellers. You can get a variety of electronic devices and mobiles in this market. 

Contact: 03003591221
Address: Mall Plaza, MES Colony Multan Cantt Residential Area, Multan, Cantt, Punjab 06005

2- Multan Mobiles

With a 4.6 star rating and 86 reviews from customers and local guides, Multan Mobiles is a very good mobile market in Multan to buy devices and accessories. 

You can buy branded mobile phones like Vivo, Infinix, Xiaomi, and Samsung from good dealers and vendors. 

There are also accessories providers in the Multan Mobiles market. There are a lot of shops for phone cases, hand frees, data cables, selfie sticks, speakers, and earbuds. 

Contact: 03006272930
Address: 3rd Street, Hamid commercial center, Mumtazabad, Multan, Punjab 66000

3- Paktel Limited

Paktel Limited is one of the famous mobile shops in Multan in the category of Telecommunication and Telecom. 

You will hopefully get your desired things in the telecommunication and mobile categories. Other accessories like Data Cables, USBs, Chargers, and earbuds. 

Contact: 9261-4510753
Address: 46-A, Cantt. Multan, Pakistan.

4- Shan Mobile

With a 4.0 star rating from 77 of the local guides and customers, Shan Mobile is one of the top mobile shops in Multan, that is why it is in our list of top 10 mobile shops in Multan. 

Shan Mobiles shop in Multan provides a variety of mobile accessories as well as electronics accessories of all types you need. You must visit this mobile shop in Multan if you want to buy mobiles or accessories. 

Contact: 03008639914
Location: 5FCQ+Q33، Mumtazabad Market Market Driving Ln, Gulzaib Colony, Multan, Punjab, Pakistan.

5- HHA Traders

with a 4.4 star rating and 117 reviews from customers, HHA Traders are one of the best accessories providers in the area of Multan. 

HHA Traders are located at Melad Chock in Multan. You can get a variety of electronic products as well as good deals and discounts on mobiles, accessories like microphones, hands-free, and phone cases. 

HHA Traders are famous for their accessories in the area. You can get quality power banks, speakers, data cables, phone cases, and other necessary accessories. 

Contact: 0313 6045550
Location: Melad Chowk, Pir Khursheed Colony, Multan, Punjab 60000.


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