Top 5 Best Kidney Hospitals in Lahore

I was looking for the best kidney and nephrological hospital in Lahore. To treat kidney diseases there are many nephrological hospitals in Lahore and many kidney specialists.

There are many best hospitals for kidneys like pkli and Mayo. You will be provided Addresses and Contact numbers for the appointment in any specific hospital. 

Kidney Hospitals

The kidney institutes included in the list are the best Nephrological Hospitals in Lahore. 

You can cure any nephrological and kidney disease by getting medicine from these kidney hospitals. These kidney hospitals are considered one of the best kidney hospitals in Lahore. 

Best Kidney Hospitals in Lahore 

Top 5 Kidney Hospitals in Lahore

These are the best kidney hospitals in Lahore. 

1- Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute (PKLI)

PKLI Hospital Lahore is one of the top-rated and most popular kidney hospitals in Pakistan. Pkli has its branches. Pkli has served 2.2 Million patients. And the patient visits pkli not only for kidney transplantation but also for hepatitis relief. Pkli has served over 1.5 Million patients with Hepatitis. 

Pkli has done 104 Kidney transplantation cases and 16 Liver transplantations. Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute also have a branch in Punjab named Punjab Kidney and liver institute (pkli). Pkli is providing quality specialists for kidneys.

Phone Website
+92 42 111 117

2- Mayo Hospital

Mayo Hospital stands on the list of best hospitals in the world. Mayo Hospital is affiliated with King Edward University. Mayo Hospital has the best staff and specialists for every department like nephrology and others. Mayo Hospital was opened in 1871 in Lahore and it is serving in Lahore.

Mayo Hospital has a facility of 3000 beds for patients and it has specialists for Kidneys. Nephrologists are recommended by many doctors. 

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3- Shaikh Zayed Hospital 

Shaikh Zayed Hospital is one of the premiere and significant hospitals in Pakistan. Shaikh Zayed Hospital has a great Nephrologist staff. This hospital is connected with Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed AL-Nahyan Medical and Dental College.

Shaikh Zayed has served many patients with Liver and Kidney. It is providing the best facilities at a low cost for the patients. Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has given a Positive review of Shaikh Zayed Hospital. 

4- Bahria International Hospital

Bahria International Hospital is a very popular and efficient hospital in Bahria Town Lahore. Bahria Town is a popular area of Lahore. Bahria Town International Hospital has done 50+ Liver Transplants and 170+ Kidney Transplants and 600+ Cochlear Implants.

Bahria international hospital has great and efficient staff for kidney patients. All the team members are well-educated and well-experienced. You can go to this center for Nephrological disease.

5- Shalamar Hospital

Shalamar Hospital is situated on Shalimar Road Lahore. This hospital is very good for all types of Surgery and any other emergency. It was established in 1990. It has a department of Urology for kidney and Bladder patients. 

They treat bladder infections, Bladder Stones, and Kidney stones. This hospital has 350 beds for patients. Laser Technology is also available in this center.


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