Top 10 Mobile Shops in Faislabad Mobile Market [Contact Numbers]

This is the era of Technology, and Gadgets, especially Smartphones, and accessories. Pakistan is among the most populated countries in the world, and that is why mobile phones or smartphones are in huge demand in Pakistan. 

In big cities of Pakistan like Faisalabad, Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, and Multan there are a lot of big smartphone shops with a variety of smartphones from different companies like Vivo, Apple, Samsung, Tecno, and more. 

Whether you are looking for smartphone devices or accessories for your electronic devices, you can get all these things in the shops listed below. You can buy mobiles from various popular companies like: 

  • Vivo
  • Oppo
  • Samsung
  • Tecno
  • Infinix 
  • Itel
  • Apple
and many more other companies like HTC, Motorola, Nokia, Xiaomi, and Realme.

If you are in Faisalabad, and looking for the best mobile shops with contact numbers, then you are at the very much right place. This blog post by the tech boss has covered all the necessary details that you need to know about the mobile shops in Faisalabad. 

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Mobile Shops in Faisalabad

Faisalabad is among the big cities of Pakistan, full of tech shops, and gadget markets. If you are thinking to buy a smartphone, any type of gadget, or accessories in Faisalabad, then you must consider these mobile shops in Faisalabad. 

Mobile Shops in Faisalabad

This is the list of the top 10 best mobile shops in the Faisalabad Mobile Market with the Contact Numbers and Phone Numbers of the sellers. You can directly contact to any of the given sellers in the Faisalabad Mobile Market, and ask for your required things you need. 

Let's dive deeper and have a look at each mobile shop present in Faisalabad Mobile Market. 

1- Selecto Mobile

Selecto Mobile Shop in Faisalabad is among the top mobile and smartphone shops providing mobile phones of various popular companies like Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, and other companies. 

You can buy Tablets, Mobile Phones, Smartphones, and accessories of these gadgets at reasonable prices with the quality product. Selecto has won the customer's trust as they have a lot of positive reviews from their regular customers. 

Selecto Mobile shop is located at Model Colony, Clock Tower, Faisalabad is a popular place in Faisalabad. Visit the selecto mobile shop and buy the smartphones you want in Faisalabad. 

Location of Selecto Mobile Shop: C3CJ+7FH, Outer Round, Model Colony Clock Tower, Faisalabad, Punjab.

Contact of Selecto Mobile Shop: (041) 2601217 

2- iSelect Mobile

iSelect Mobile Shop in Faisalabad comes in 2nd place in our list of top mobile shops in Faisalabad. You can visit iSelect Mobile to buy used and new smartphones. The gadgets of different types, as well as the accessories for the smartphones. 

You can buy smartphone accessories like earbuds, hand-free, mobile covers, screen glasses, and more and more things you need. iSelect also provides mobile phone repairing services to its users. You can visit iSelect Mobile in case your device needs repairing. 

iSelect Mobile is located at Block B, people's colony, Faisalabad. Visit this shop to buy mobiles and devices as this is one of the top-rated shops in Faisalabad. 

Location of iSelect Mobile: Zain Plaza, Shop # 11 12, D Ground, Block B People's Colony No 1, Faisalabad, Punjab 38000

Contact of iSelect Mobile: (+92) 331 7500040

3- Nawaz Mobile Shop

Nawaz Mobile Shop is famous for their supply of smartphone repairing parts. If your device runs out of order, then you need to visit Nawaz Mobile Shop in Faisalabad. Nawaz Mobile Shop provides repairing services to its customers. 

You can get your smartphone device repaired at Nawaz Mobile Shop, as well as buy smartphone accessories like screen glasses, CTCs, hand-free, mobile covers, and a lot more. 

Nawaz Mobile shop is located at near the clock tower in Faisalabad. Nawaz Mobile Shop has gotten a lot of positive customer reviews that is why we have suggested visiting this shop. 

Nawaz Mobile Shop Location: Kachriy Bazr, Sadeq Plaza, Qadimi Shehar, Clock Tower, Faisalabad, Punjab 38000

Nawaz Mobile Shop Contact: 0300 7979773

4- Mobile Care 

From Smartwatches to smartphones, from speakers to hand-frees, from Bluetooth calling devices to earbuds, everything is available at Mobile Care shop in Faisalabad. 

You can buy used smartphones, and devices of different types like speakers, power banks, LED panels for your smartphones, and watch bands. All types of accessories for different gadgets are available at Mobile Care Faisalabad. 

Mobile Care shop is located at Katchery Bazar near Clock Tower in Faisalabad. Visit Mobile Care shop as it is popular for its vast variety of products for its customers. You will surely get the things you wanna buy. 

Mobile Care Location: Shop No. 13, Umar Farooq Shopping Center, 14 Street 5, Katchery Bazar Clock Tower, Faisalabad, Punjab 38000

Mobile Care Contact: 0321 2605533

5- U2 Mobiles

U2 Mobile owned by Ali Zia in Faisalabad is among the top mobile phone shops in Faisalabad. From used phones to brand-new smartphones, this shop has covered you. 

You can buy smartphones, as well as accessories for your gadgets and devices at reasonable prices. U2 mobiles also get deals with used iPhones at good prices. You can get the chargers, Phone covers, and other related accessories from U2 mobiles. 

U2 mobile shop is located at Model colony, afghanabad, in Faisalabad. Visit U2 mobiles for buy and selling smartphones and accessories, you will not be disappointed. 

U2 Mobiles Location: Street No. 6, Model Colony Afghanabad, Faisalabad, Punjab 

U2 Mobiles Contact: 0321 3300000

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