Top 5 Largest Mobile Markets in Lahore with Contact Numbers

Lahore is one of the most populated cities in Pakistan and there are a lot of big markets in Lahore related to Electronics, Mobiles, Laptops, and Computers, and many markets are there for mobile and computer accessories. 

If you are looking for smartphones, accessories, wholesale dealers, or wanna buy any other electronic device then this is the list of some of the best mobile markets in Lahore. Lahore is the hub of electronic and mobile markets. Mobile Markets in Lahore are listed in this blog post. 

Mobile Markets in Lahore

Lahore Mobile Market is a vast market to buy and sell mobiles as well as other electronic accessories. Lahore is a very vast city, there are a lot of mobile markets there but which one is trusted to buy quality products? and which market is versatile enough to offer a variety of quality products? These questions are answered below.

Top 5 Largest Mobile Markets in Lahore

This list of the top 5 mobile markets in Lahore contains the names of mobile markets along with their specifications, availability of mobile phones and accessories, and contact and location details. You can get mobile phones from different companies like:

  • Apple 
  • Samsung 
  • Vivo 
  • Xiaomi
  • Oppo 
  • 1 Plus 
  • Tecno 
  • Infinix 
  • Itel 
  • Nokia    

and many other companies. These markets also offer used mobile phones for you. You can buy as well as sell your mobile phones. A lot of Accessories are also available in these markets like: 

  • Phone cases
  • Screen protectors
  • Headphones 
  • Portable chargers & power banks
  • Selfie sticks
  • Bluetooth speakers

So excited to know? Let's check the details of the top 5 biggest mobile malls and markets in Lahore. 

1- Hall Road Market

Hall Road Mobile Market in Lahore is one of the biggest mobile markets not even in Lahore but in Punjab. Hall Road Mobile Market offers you a variety of Mobile devices, accessories, mobile repairing services, and other electronic devices. 

Hall Road Mobile Market is popular with wholesale dealers. There are a lot of mobile shops in Hall Road Mobile Market Lahore. You can buy and sell your smartphone and accessories. 

Hall Road Mobile Market is famous due to the availability of used devices and mobile phones. You can not only buy mobiles but also SD Cards, headphones, laptops, SSDs, monitors and etc at reasonable prices. 

Hall Road Market Address: Hall Rd, Garhi Shahu, Lahore, Punjab 54000

Hall Road Market Contacts: 0301 4299930, 042-37212727

2- Hafeez Center 

One of the most popular and versatile mobile markets in Lahore. I personally visited Hafeez Center a few months ago and bought a laptop for myself. 

Hafeez Center is a huge market of mobiles, accessories, laptops, computers, and all types of electronic devices. You can buy new and used mobiles and laptops here. Also repair facilities for your mobiles, devices, and laptops are available. 

Hafeez Center has many mobile shops that offer you mobiles of different brands available in Pakistan. You can also buy imported Laptops and Computers. There is no deficiency of devices and shops in Hafeez Center. 

Hafeez Center Location: Hafeez Center, Lahore, 54000

Hafeez Center Contacts: 0333 8370637, 0301-8664445

3- Dogar Mobile Market

Dogar Mobile Market is a small market as compared to Hafeez Center or Hall Road Mobile Market but provides all the facilities to its customers. 

You can buy and sell mobile phones and accessories at reasonable prices. This mobile market has different mobile repair shops, various mobile shops, and a lot of portable accessories shops. You can get all in one at Dogar Mobile Market Lahore. 

Many of the local guides have given positive reviews about the dogar mobile market and they have a kind of good experience according to their needs. You can visit this market to purchase mobiles, electronic devices, and accessories for you. 

Dogar Mobile Market Address: F69R+XGG, Westwood Colony, Lahore, Punjab

Dogar Mobile Market Contacts: 0306 1110009

4- Lahore Township Mobile Market 

Township Mobile Market is suggested by many of the buyers in Lahore. You will find Mobile phones along with their accessories and repair facilities for your devices. 

Township Mobile Market has gotten many positive reviews from the people who have visited this place to buy and sell mobile phones and other electronic devices. 

Lahore Township Mobile Market Location: Mobile Market & Flat, Township Block 1 Sector B 1 Lahore, Punjab 54770

5- Faisal Mobile Market

Similar to other famous and popular mobile markets, Faisal Mobile Market provides mobile phones, the best deals, accessories, and used electronic devices, but it is a mini market and does not have a large variety of electronics. 

You can visit to find your desired mobile phone or accessories. There are many shopkeepers or sellers providing a variety of goods and quality products at reasonable prices. 

Faisal Mobile Market Address: F8G5+JC5, Block C 1 Faisal Town, Lahore, Punjab


So, this is the list of the top 5 best mobile markets in Lahore. You can easily get your desired mobile phone, accessories, and other electronic devices. 

Feel free to visit these markets as they are famous and popular mobile markets, especially Hafeez Center and Hall Road mobile markets. They are very versatile and have a huge amount of shops and sellers there. 


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