Top 7 Best Smart Watches in Pakistan [Price + Specs]

This is the era of technology, gadgets, and modernism. Many Tech companies are creating innovative products like smartphones, smartwatches, and products for smart houses. If you are a Pakistani and looking for the best smartwatch, this blog post will help you find the best match for you. 

There are some categories of smartwatches, some watches come with a digital screen and tell only the time, but some are purely smartwatches that have features of calling, and messaging, and allow you to install some apps for productivity. We are going to list down the 10 best smartwatches in Pakistan with prices and the latest and advanced features of these smartwatches. 

Best Smart Watches in Pakistan

This is the list of the top 10 best smartwatches in Pakistan with the price and specifications they come with. We also have listed the top smartwatches under 5000 in Pakistan, and the top smartwatches under 3000 in Pakistan. That's why, you don't need to worry about the prices, we have got your point and now let's dive deeper into the list of Top smartwatches in Pakistan. 

Top 10 Best Smart Watches in Pakistan [Price + Specs]

1- Hk9 Pro Plus

HK9 Pro Plus comes with a huge adorable Super Amoled display with a screen size of 2.2 inches. An amoled display with full touch controls, and dynamic functionality make the HK9 Pro Plus smartwatch stand out among the crowd of smartwatches around. 

HK9 Pro Plus features are: 

  • Silicon Straps
  • IP67 Resistance 
  • Always on display 
  • Dynamic Island 
  • Health Monitoring 
  • Bluetooth Calling 
  • Sports Mode 
  • Wear Fit Pro support 
  • 2-3 Days lasting battery 
  • Price: 62,99 PKR (priceoye) 

Silicon Strap material is used, IP67 water resistance capability, Proprietary Operating System is used in the smartwatch, and a speaker is also available in the watch. 

HK9 Pro Plus is well-known for its always-on-display showing necessary information in an instant look. Sports Modes, Health monitoring, Dynamic Island (like iPhone), Bluetooth calling, High refresh rate, and many more premium features to feel as good as a luxury brand. 

2- Sveston Valentina

Sveston Valentina comes with a huge luxury, minimalist, and modern look. With an IPS display of 1.45 inches, and a rounded shape Sveston Valentina looks gorgeous on the wrist. 

2- Sveston Valentina

I personally became a fan of this watch when I saw this for the first time. Let's discuss the features in detail. Sveston Valentina has 150+ watch faces, you can change them according to your preferences, and enjoy a new watch face every time. You are going to get the following features in Sveston Valentina: 

  • Matellic Appearance
  • Health Monitoring 
  • Smart Notifications 
  • Bluetooth Calling 
  • 1.45 inches Display
  • 150+ Watch faces 
  • 5-7 days battery 
  • IP67 water resistance

Sveston Valentina comes with a magnetic cable for charging and a warranty card in the box. It uses a 5.3+ Bluetooth version for better connectivity with your phone.

Sensors for health monitoring sensors like heart rate, and blood pressure, are available on the watch. If you are concerned about the battery, then it will last 5 to 7 days easily, as it has a big battery of 230 mAh. 

3- Luna Smart Watch

Luna Smartwatch is from Zero Lifestyle, one of the famous and trending electronics brands in Pakistan. Zero Lifestyle has always bought quality products, whether they are Smartwatches or Earbuds. 

Luna Smartwatch by Zero Lifestyle comes in five different colors, they are Black, Gray, Golden, Blue, and Pink. Luna Smartwatch has all the modern and required features like Bluetooth calling, IP67 water resistance, Weather updates, AI voice assistant, 1.39 inches HD display, and a full metal body. 

Luna Smartwatch - The Tech Boss

Bluetooth version 5.2 comes with the watch, Cloud-based Watch faces, TFT display of 240*240, different sensors like Heart-rate sensor, Accelerometer, and SpO2, and all the required sensors for health monitoring. 

Let's check the battery of the Luna Smartwatch, 7-9 days of battery timing, with 220 mAh of battery capacity, this long-lasting battery can be charged for 3 hours only. 

Smart features like Call Rejection, Camera control, Alarm, Remote Control, Pedometer, Find a device, Theme Modes, and stopwatch are available in the Luna Smartwatch providing the best use of Luna Smartwatch to increase productivity and enhance your personality. 

4- Haylou Solar Lite

Haylou Solar Lite comes with a decent and professional look with a round shape, and a button on the side. Haylou Solar Lite has advanced, modern, and all the required features with enhanced performance. 

Haylou Solar Lite features are:

  • 1.38 inches display
  • 100+ watch faces
  • Health monitoring features
  • IP68 rating
  • 20 days battery 
  • 100 workout modes

Halylou Solar Lite smartwatch comes with the  1.38 inches of rounded display, 100+ watch faces are available, and also has all the health monitoring features and sensors to tell you something about yourself. Also, female health features are available in this smartwatch.

With Haylou Solar Lite you need not worry about sweat and splashes, it comes with IP68 water resistance. Touch controls and physical button controls are there, classic design, and fine texture. 100 workout modes to keep you motivated. 


Sveston Nitro comes with a sleek and unique design in the smartwatch industry, especially if you talk about the watch faces and the software side. Sveston Nitro has the latest Bluetooth version 5.3, and supports Bluetooth calling. 

sveston nitro smartwatch - thetechboss

Sveston Nitro has an IPS rectangular display of size 2.01 inches. Claud-based watch faces come with the Sveston Nitro provide amazing looks and keeps the user satisfied. 

Health Monitoring Like all other smartwatches, Sveston Nitro supports health monitoring like Blood Pressure measuring, Heart rate measuring, and medical sensors like SpO2, and Accelerometer are available in the Sveston Nitro. 

Sveston Nitro features are:

  • Bluetooth Calling 
  • Call Rejection 
  • Caller Name Information 
  • Wake up Gesture
  • 5-7 days Battery Backup 
  • 3 hours to full charge 
  • Sports Modes 
  • Watch Faces
  • Sleep and Health Monitoring 

Sveston Nitro has 7 days of battery backup with 30 days of stand-up time. It can be fully charged in 3 hours. Magnetic charging cable comes with the smartwatch to charge 260 mAh of battery of Sveston Nitro. 

HK9 pro 

Drip Smartwatch

G9 Ultra Pro Smartwatch
T500 Ultra Smart Watch Series 8


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