Jazz Internet Packages - Daily, Weekly, Monthly with Codes and Charges

Jazz is one of the biggest networks in Pakistan. Jazz came to Pakistan in 1994. After that jazz made progress and become very popular in Pakistan. Jazz offers many internets, calls, and SMS services in Pakistan. 

 Jazz offers Weekly, Monthly, and daily basis packages to its users. Jazz offers internet packages ranging from 1GB to 50GB to mobile sim users. Also, there are packages with multiple prices and timings. 

Jazz Internet Packages - Daily, Weekly, Monthly with Codes and Charges

Jazz provides internet packages on a daily basis, weekly basis, and monthly basis. You can subscribe to any desired package among daily internet packages, Weekly Internet packages, and Monthly internet packages of Jazz. 


This is the list of all the daily internet packages of Jazz. 

1- Jazz YouTube & Social Package 1GB

Jazz is offering a daily, one-day/24-hour package for YouTube and all other Social media. Jazz is offering 1GB of data for Youtube, Facebook, and Whatsapp for just Rs-16 + tax 

Jazz Youtube and Social bundle are available for the whole day (24 hours). There is no restriction on time. Subscribe to Jazz Youtube and Social Bundle and enjoy the whole day. 

The subscription method for jazz youtube and the social bundle is given below. 

    Subscription Code*968#
    Subscription feeRs-16 (incl. tax)
    Data1GB (Youtube, FB, Whatsapp)
    Validity24 hours

The unsubscription method for jazz youtube and the social bundle is given below.

un-Subscription Code*968*4#
Check Status*968*2#

2- Daily Extreme 2GB 

Jazz is offering a bundle with the name "Daily Extreme Bundle" for the users. This offer contains 2GB of jazz data. It is available only between 12am to 12pm. Very easy and cheap bundle. Let's Subscribe to it. 

The subscription method for the Jazz Daily Extreme package is given below. 

Subscription Code*757#
Subscription feeRs-15 (incl. tax)
Data2GB (12AM-12PM)
Validity24 hours

The Unsubscription method for the Jazz Daily Extreme package is given below

un-Subscription Code *757*4#
Check Status *757*2#


This is the list of the best available weekly internet packages of Jazz. 

1- Jazz Weekly YouTube & Social Bundle 5GB

Jazz has launched a new package at cheap rates with a great data offer for Youtube and all other Social Media. Jazz is giving 5GB of data to its users. You can now enjoy Facebook, IMO, Whatsapp, and Youtube for the whole week

The subscription method for Jazz Weekly YouTube and Social Bundle is given below. 

Subscription Code*660#
Subscription feeRs-88 (incl. tax)
Data5GB (Youtube, FB, IMO, Whatsapp)
Validity1 week

The Unsubscription Method is given below.

un-Subscription Code*660*4#
Check Status*660*2#

2- Work from Home Bundle 10GB

Jazz offers this cheap bundle for its users for work from home. Its validity is only in office hours. You can use this offer of 10GB internet for Rs-95 only between 8am-6pm. 

The subscription code of Jazz weekly 10GB offer is given:

Subscription Code*117*14#
Subscription feeRs-95 (incl. tax)
Data10GB + Unlimited Jazz minutes
Validity1 week (8am-6pm)

The Unsubscription Code is given below.

un-Subscription Code*117*14*4#
Check Status*117*14*2#

3- Weekly Super Max 30GB

Jazz is giving you 30GB of internet data, 6000 Jazz minutes, 6000 SMS, and 60 other network minutes in just Rs/- 315 (incl. tax) rupees. 

Subscribe to the weekly super max 30GB offer by dialing *506# and Un-subscribe the weekly super max offer  by dialing *506*4#

The subscription method is given below. 

Subscription Code*506#
Subscription feeRs-315 (incl. tax)
Validity1 week

The unsubscription method is given below.

un-Subscription Code*506*4#
Check Status*506*2#

4- Jazz Weekly Internet Package 25GB 

Jazz is giving you 25GB of internet data, with 15GB (24 hours) + 10GB (2am-2pm). You are not only getting this 25GB of internet data but a free subscription to JAZZ TV

Then what are you waiting for? Subscribe to this offer, do unlimited downloads, and watch movies and dramas on jazz tv absolutely free.

The Subscription method is given below. 

Subscription Code*453#
Jazz TV Subscription Code*2299#
Subscription feeRs-275 (incl. tax)
Validity1 week

The unsubscription method is given below for Jazz weekly internet package. 

un-Subscription Code*453*4#
Check Status*453*2#


This is the list of the best monthly Internet packages of Jazz. 

1- Jazz Monthly Social Package 

Jazz is offering a great bundle for Social Media users. This bundle is called Monthly Social. This offer is for Facebook, WhatsApp, and IMO users. 

Jazz has offered a monthly Social Bundle with 5GB of Social data for Facebook, Whatsapp, and IMO. You are not only getting 5GB of data but 12000 SMS for you for one month. 

Subscription Method:

Subscription Code*661#
Subscription feeRs-110 (incl. tax)
Data5GB (FB, IMO, Whatsapp)
Validity1 Month

Unsubscription method:

un-Subscription Code*661*4#
Check Status*661*2#

2- Jazz Monthly Internet Package 12GB

Jazz is giving a monthly bundle with 12GB of internet data with 6GB (2am-2pm). You can use the other 6GB of data for complete 24 hours per month.  

The subscription method for the Jazz monthly 12GB internet package is given below. 

Subscription Code*117*30#
Subscription feeRs-349 (incl. tax)
Data12GB, 6GB (2am-2pm)
Validity1 Month

Unsubscription Method:

un-Subscription Code*117*30*4#
Check Status*117*30*2#

3- Super Duper Plus Offer 15GB

Jazz is offering 15GB of internet data, 5000 Jazz minutes plus 300 minutes for other networks, and 5000 SMSWow! What a big bundle! 

The subscription method of the jazz monthly Super Duper Plus offer is given. 

Subscription Code*707#
Subscription feeRs-999 (incl. tax)
Minutes5000 jazz + 300 other
Validity1 Month

The unsubscription method is:

un-Subscription Code*707*4#
Check Status*707*2#
Check info*707*3#

4- Monthly Supreme Offer 22GB

Now, come to the point. Jazz is offering 22GB of internet data for a month. Remember! This 22GB of data is divided into two parts. 10GB of internet data is available for a month with 24 hours of availability. And the other 12GB of internet data is available between 2am-2pm

The subscription method for the Jazz monthly supreme offer is given below.  

Subscription Code*117*32#
Subscription feeRs-525 (incl. tax)
Data22GB (12GB 2am-2pm)
Validity1 monthly

The Unsubscription method: 

un-Subscription Code
Check Status*117*32*2#

5- Monthly Premium Offer 25GB

Now, the main point is that Jazz is giving 25GB of internet data with 250 all other networks minutes. This offer is available for just Rs/-630 (incl. tax).

Remember! The provided data is divided into 2 parts. In 25GB of data in which 10GB of data is only for YouTube. Use youtube and all other platforms with 25GB of data.  

The subscription code: 

Subscription Code*2000#
Subscription feeRs-630 (incl. tax)
Data25GB (10GB Youtube)
Minutes250 all networks
Validity1 Month

The Unsubscription Code:

un-Subscription Code*2000*4#
Check Status*2000*2#


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