5 Best WIFI Networks in Pakistan in 2023

In this modern world being called a Global Village, everyone is connected through the Internet. From Education to Entertainment, everything is being done through the Internet. To access the internet, a Wifi network is one of the best ways. 

If you want to set up a wifi network in your home or office and looking for the best and most reliable Internet Service Provider for you, then this blog post tries to help you. This article is all about the best Internet Service Providers(ISPs) in Pakistan. 

Wifi Network Providers in Pakistan

There are many new and old companies providing internet services in Pakistan. Some are government companies and some are private limited. 

Wifi Network Providers in Pakistan

The quality of wifi network and internet speed depends on your area, a very good wifi network may work well in a specific area and that network may not work well in your area. So, feel free to contact nearby people using the internet to get an idea of which one is reliable for you. 

So, let's discuss some of the best wifi network providers in Pakistan with their contacts and other details. 


PTCL is one of the most accessible wifi networks in Pakistan. Ptcl's coverage is almost all over Pakistan. You can get ptcl connection anywhere in Pakistan except in some backward areas. 

PTCL was a government-owned company in Pakistan but later it was privatized. PTCL offers affordable internet packages for you. PTCL has packages for offices, homes, and commercials. You can also take any internet speed connection like 10mbps to 250mbps

PTCL provides 4G internet speed with calls, TV, free international calls, and other device accessibility. PTCL provides high-speed internet through fiber.  

PTCL Helpline Number: 1218

2- Storm Fiber

Storm Fiber provides high-speed internet through fiber, digital TV, and landline call facility in some selected cities of Pakistan. 

If Strom Fiber is available in your city, then must consider this internet service provider to get a good, reliable, and fast internet connection for your home and office. 

storm fiber

Storm Fiber is connected to CyberNet which is one of the best and leading internet service providers at the international level. Storm Fiber provides internet speeds ranging from 10mbps to 30mbps and many other options with higher bandwidth of the internet. 

Storm Fiber Helpline: 111-1-78676

3- Nayatel

Nayatel is a fast and reliable internet service provider with multiple bundles and offers in Pakistan. Nayatel offers internet service for TV and Phones and free Nayatel-to-Nayatel call service

Nayatel provides fiber-based high-speed internet service. Nayatel is currently offering its services in big cities of Pakistan like Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Gujranwala, and Faisalabad. 

Nayatel's packages include bundles for home, corporate, and multiple-purpose internet usage. You can also access Naya TV and watch your favorite things there. Also, there are discounts on several packages if you are a new customer and buying something for the first time. 

4- Connect Communication

Connect Communication is one of the largest internet service providers in Karachi and other big cities in Pakistan. Connect Communication is serving since 2005 in Pakistan. 

Connect Communication provides high-speed connectivity with reliable infrastructure, using the latest technology and 24/7 customer support. 

To get Residential broadband, data connectivity, dedicated internet, and business solution from Connect Communication you just need to check their coverage area, if your area is covered by Connect Communications. 

Connect Communication Helpline: +9221-111-000-638

5- FiberLink

Fiberlink is one of the modern companies providing internet services in Pakistan with a large coverage area. FiberLink provides internet services and calls services in Pakistan. 

Fiberlink covers all the major and big cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Peshawar, Abbottabad, Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, and Faisalabad. 

You can experience the best internet with IPTV with high quality and speed. Like other internet service providers, Fiberlink also provides all types of facilities like Internet, TV, and Calls. Their Packages are from 10Mbps to 500Mbps with different charges in different cities in Pakistan. 

Fiberlink Helpline UAN: 111-456-123 


There are many other internet service providers in Pakistan, but the above 5 are the best and their coverage areas include all the big and main cities of Pakistan. 

You need to select the area and then check your area on the official website of any internet service provider and check if your area is covered by that internet service provider (ISP). Check the prices, packages, and quality of the internet, and then select a particular ISP.


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