Top 5 Best Schools in Islamabad with Fee Details

If you are a student and want to get admission to a good school in Islamabad, or you are a parent, who wants your child to be admitted to a good school in Islamabad, you need to scroll through this list of the top 5 best schools located in Islamabad. 

As a parent, it is a very important decision for you to choose a good school or high school for your children so that they can get the quality education you desire. 

The capital of Pakistan Islamabad is one of the top-rated cities in Pakistan with respect to Education, Cleanliness, Lifestyle, and all other aspects.

Best Schools in Islamabad

So, if your child is older enough to go to a primary school or high school, this is the list of top and well-known schools in Islamabad. you can check their fees schedules and study schedules on their respective websites. 

Top 10 Best Schools in Islamabad with Fee Details

So, let's check in detail the names of the schools as well as the fee details and other specifications so that you can get a better idea about how is the school you are reading about. 

1- Roots Millenium School

Roots Millenium School is one of the best schools in Islamabad. Roots Millenium was established in 1988 and now enjoying its 35th anniversary of educational excellence. 

Roots Millenium offer quality education through their physical classes as well as through their MATRIX online learning management system, so that student can learn as they want. 

Roots Millenium provides quality education at a global level, Roots Millenium School is recognized at the international level. Roots Millenium provides education from the Early Years to College years. 

Roots Millennium School is also trying to digitalize its system for better education for students through its online learning management system named MATRIX. Students of Roots Millenium School can log in to their accounts and can access the digital learning system. 

You can check the fee structure and tuition policies of Roots Millenium School here

2- Beaconhouse School System

3- Preparatory School Islamabad

Preparatory School Islamabad or simply PSI is another one of the amazing schools in Islamabad with quality education as well as good academic facilities for students. 

Students are given academic education as well as involved in co-curricular activities for their grooming in their respective fields. Educational Trips are also planned each year for the students to go out and enjoy with friends.  

preparatory school islamabad

A lot of students of Preparatory School Islamabad appear in Cambridge Examination every year and they become successful and get admissions in their chosen fields. 

Preparatory School Islamabad provides quality education from Elementary, Primary to O-Levels. You can get the admission details on the official website of PSI school here

4- Froebel’s International School

Froebel’s International School was established in 1975 and has a great educational history and experience. Froebel's International School is one the most popular, and best schools in Islamabad.

4- Froebel’s International School

8 Campuses, faculty of 357 staff members, and 13650+ Alumni members show the significance of Froebel's International School, Islamabad. Froebel's International started with only 10 students and 4 faculty staff, but now they are the above number of students, staff, and campuses. 

Froebel's international school provides education from early years like PG, and KG, to primary, lower secondary, and upper secondary classes.  

5- Headstart School

Headstart School Kuri campus in Islamabad is among the well-known and famous schools for quality education. Headstart School provides quality education with the facility of online classes to your children. 

Every Year Headstart school provides 100Hundred Scholarships to deserving students of IGCSE and A-Levels

To get admission to Headstart School, you need to book an appointment for a campus tour and admission. For this appointment, fill out the online form available and you will be notified when you can visit the campus. 


Among a lot of choices, it can be difficult to choose one of the best schools for your child, but some of the well-known and popular schools based on positive ratings and reviews are listed above, for more information, and in-depth details, you can visit the school website or the school campus yourself. 


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