How to Save Zong Balance - Zong Balance Save Code

Zong 4G is one of the most used and popular SIM brand in Pakistan. Zong became truly popular when it provided 4G service all over the Pakistan. Zong 4G provides various internet packages with 4G service. You can easily find Zong service in your area. 

There is an issue regarding balance with Zong sims. If you recharge your sim with balance and use half of the balance and subscribe to an internet package by Zong. Now when you turn your mobile data on, you can use the internet but the additional balance is vanished. To solve this problem, Zong has provided its official method of saving Zong balance. Let's explore. 

How to Save Zong Balance

If you need RS/- 300 balance for a weekly package of 30GB then you have to recharge RS/-300 in your ZONG account. But if you need some extra balance for SMS and calls and you recharge your account RS/-500. RS/-300 is required for the internet and RS/-200 is for your offline usage. 

But the difficulty is that the balance other than the internet is not safe in your SIM (Subscriber Identity Module). After dialing your internet package code for example *225# or by using other ZONG method like *6464# then putting 1 in blank space and after putting 2 and after putting 3 in spaces to get the 30GB internet from ZONG, Your Rs/-300 Balance will be cut from your sim and you have got your 30GB internet very easily.

How to Save Zong Balance - Zong Balance Save Code

The biggest problem and your loss are here. After you have got your internet package then ZONG should do that when you turn on your mobile data and let your mobile access the internet and as you use that internet after spending a lot of money your other RS/-200 are not safe. After turning on mobile data your RS/-200 will be lost in the way of the internet.

The package of 30GB will be used after spending your other balance. You have to save your balance from being lost. The company ZONG is not solving this problem, however, ZONG is making money in this negative way. If you want to download the VSCO premium app the check it.

You just need to first apply for the internet package that you want of 15GB, 30GB, or any other. After getting the notification of ZONG by the number 6464 about the verification of the package you will have an internet package in other words internet data. 

Zong Balance Save Code

Now do not turn on your mobile data. First, do the same as I am telling. By doing this method you will be able to hide your balance from being lost. Remember this method is told by the company ZONG and it is an official and legal method to save your balance.

  1. Dial *4004#
  2. Select 1- Prepaid
  3. Now your balance has hidden.

After following this balance save code, you can easily use internet and save your Zong balance. Make calls and SMS with your remaining balance. Now the internet will not be using your additional balance.


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