Top 10 Best places to visit in Pakistan in 2023

I have listed here the best and safe places to visit in Pakistan. Millions of foreign tourists visit Pakistan every year. They look for the top and the most beautiful places and areas in Pakistan. So, this list is for those who plan to visit Pakistan in 2022.

Top 10 most beautiful and safe places in Pakistan

Northern Areas of Pakistan are now safer than they were in the past. There has been much misconception about the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Now, these areas are safe to visit and purely peaceful destination for foreign tourists. 

But now, I have come with recommended places which every tourist should visit and explore in Pakistan. The list includes some areas in Central Punjab, Upper Punjab, KPK, Balochistan, Sindh, and Gilgit Province. These are the best and famous tourist spots in Pakistan.

We have covered both Nature and Antique places in Pakistan. You can visit these places for Tourism.

List of Best Places for Tourists in Pakistan 2021

Famous tourists recommend the following places to visit in Pakistan in 20201

1- Swat Valley 

Swat Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan. Swat Valley is situated in the Malakand Division in the KPK province of Pakistan. Swat Valley is called Switzerland of Pakistan. 

Swat Valley is an area of Mountains and Rivers. Swat Valley is a cold place covered with peaceful trees and mountains covered with snow the whole year. 

Why Swat

  • Switzerland of Pakistan 
  • Peaceful 
  • Mountains 
  • Snowy 

2- Hunza Valley 

Hunza valley is a very peaceful and famous place in Pakistan. Hunza is situated in the Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan.

According to Geography Hunza consist of 3 parts that are "Upper Hunza, Central Hunza, and Lower Hunza". Hunza Valley is covered with rocky mountains, tall trees, and also greenery.

Why Hunza

  • Peaceful 
  • Rocky & Snow Mountains
  • Wide area 

3- Neelam Valley

Neelam Valley stands in the most beautiful places in Pakistan. Neelam Valley is also known as Wadiy e Neelam in Pakistan. Neelam Valley is situated in Azad Kashmir, a peaceful region of Pakistan. 

Neelam Valley has many rivers and streams of Blue and Green water. The Blue and Green color of the water shows purefulness of the environment of Neelam Valley. 

Why Neelam

  • Land of waters
  • Greenery 
  • Mountains 

4- Chitral Valley

Chitral Valley is not only the favorite place of tourists but the native people of Pakistan. Chitral valley is situated in the KPK province of Pakistan in the Chitral district. Chitral valley is a place of Mountains, Wide, and vast green fields. 

Many people of Pakistan and also foreign visit this place. In Chitral Valley, you will be able to see rivers and streams of cool water. There also held many festivals in the valleys of Pakistan's Northern areas. 

Why Chitral 

  • Waters 
  • Mountains 
  • Green Fields 
  • Culture 

5- Kaghan Valley

Kaghan Valley is an incredible valley among all valleys. Kaghan valley is situated in the KPK (Khaber Pakhtonkhawa) province of Pakistan in the Mansehra district. 

This valley attracts people throughout the world.  It is situated near the famous river Kunhar. The most famous place in Kaghan valley is Lake Saif ul Muluk. 

Why Kaghan

  • Lake Saif ul Muluk 
  • Land of Springs & Lakes 
  • Greenery 
  • Attracting Mountains 

6- Lahore Fort

Lahore Fort is one of the most famous places in Lahore. Lahore is the capital of Punjab province and also it is the most populated city of Punjab province. Lahore has many places for foreign tourists.

Lahore Fort is known as Shahi Kila. Lahore Fort was built by Aurangzaib in 1674. Lahore Fort is consist of 21 monuments. One of these is NO LAKHA MEHAL. Its name is 9 lakha mehal because there were spent nine lac rupees on its construction.

Why Lahore Fort

  • Antique Building
  • Monuments 
  • Shish Mehal 
  • 9 lakha Mehal

7- Shahi Mosque

Shahi Mosque is one of the antique mosques of the world. It is also in Lahore. Shahi Masjid was created by Aurangzaib in 1671. This mosque is an extraordinary and matchless example of Mughal Architecture. This mosque is a wide and vast mosque that 100K (100000) people can offer prayer in this mosque. 

Shahi Mosque is known as Badshahi Mosque in Pakistan. Shahi Masjid is an example of Red stones and Marbel. You must visit this mosque. And you will see Lahore's Beauty.

Why Shahi Mosque

  • Antique Mosque 
  • Muslims Place of Worship 
  • Mughal Architecture 

8- Khewra Salt Mine 

Khewra Salt Mine is one of the most incredible wonders of the world. This is situated in the Punjab province of Pakistan. This is the 2nd biggest salt mine in the world. Khewar salt mine is consists of salt mountains. 
Pakistan, the salt is very cheap just because of the salt mine. Pakistan exports salt to foreign countries. It is consists of 25 million tonnes of salt. 

Why Khewra

  • Salty mountain 
  • Incredible wonder 
  • Old culture 

9- Mohenjo-Daro 

Mohenjo Daro is the most antique land in Pakistan. It is the land of very old people. It is older more than 2500 BCE

Mohenjo Daro is situated in the Sindh Province of Pakistan. Mohenjo Daro is a place of Indus valley civilization that was destroyed many years ago due to some reasons. 

Why Mohenjo Daro

  • Old 
  • Olden Civilization 

10- Harappa 

Harappa is the same place as Mohenjo Daro. It is an old place that is consisting of olden civilization and has many old signs of antique people there. You must these places of olden civilizations. 

Every year many visitors visit this place to see how thousand years old civilization has left this world and now there are only there antique signs of livings. 


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