10 Best Capcut Templates Trending in 2024

This is the era of digital content where everyone is creating digital content on different platforms like YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram, and many more. The newest type of digital content, and well-liked content is Short Videos or Reels.

There are a lot of apps and software for making amazing long and short videos. You can use apps like Capcut, TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Snapchat to make short videos and use good effects, filters, and transitions. Capcut is one of the famous video editing apps for both Android and iOS. 

Let's talk about two well-known video editing and uploading apps of 2024 that are Capcut and Tiktok. You can edit videos from Capcut and upload them to Tiktok directly from Capcut after the video is exported. The good news is that Tiktok and Capcut have collaborated to provide an amazing short video experience to the users. You can find templates from capcut or tiktok and edit them on Capcut. 

Best Capcut Templates 

This blog post is all about some of the best Capcut Templates trending in 2024. The templates of all categories are listed below. You can find templates of different types like beat templates, text effect templates, music and slomo templates, color grading templates, and many more for free. 

Best Capcut Templates

You may be thinking what is Capcut? and how is it so easy to use with Tiktok? Capcut is a video editing app for Android and iOS. You can edit videos of all types for all social media platforms (Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube) on it. There are unlimited templates for short videos on Capcut for free. You can use them and customize them according to your pictures and videos. 

Capcut provides templates: 

  1. Beat Templates 
  2. 3D Templates
  3. Slideshow Templates
  4. Slow Motion Templates
  5. Vlog Templates 
  6. Meme Templates 
  7. Lirik Videos
  8. Marketing 
  9. Status Templates 
  10. Game Templates 

How to Use Capcut 

To use trending capcut templates and upload them to tiktok, you need to install the Capcut app on your Mobile Phone or tablet. After successful installation of Capcut on your device, just sign up using your email or any other social media platform. 

Capcut does a login process to save the data of users like what templates you have saved and added to your favorites. Just log in using Google, Facebook, or Tiktok to your Capcut account. You can view thousands of templates in your account and can use them later. 

There are simple steps to use Capcut: 

  • Install Capcut
  • Sign up 
  • Click Templates at the bottom
  • Browse Templates 
  • Add Templates to your Favorites
  • Use Templates 
  • Export Videos 
  • Save to Gallery 
  • Upload to Tiktok 

After installation and creating your account on capcut successfully, you can now use templates on your videos, and photos easily. This is the right time to explore trending templates of capcut. Let's check the amazing collection of capcut templates for short videos for TikTok, Instagram reels, and YouTube Shorts. 

Best Capcut Templates

After knowing the basics of Capcut and Tiktok, let's head toward the list of top and best capcut templates for you. There are a lot of template categories in Capcut you can use. We have discovered top capcut templates of Beat, 3D, Slideshow, Liriks, and Vlogs. All the templates are easy to use and freely available on Capcut for all users. 

1- Google Search Capcut Template

This Google Search template uses the Google search bar and searches for "The most beautiful person in the World", and then it shows up the search results. You can provide your images to be shown in the search results. This template is amazing. You can customize the text, as well as your images in the template. 

Use Template

2- Your Name Google Search Template

This is the Google search template that searches your given keywords and displays the images you have given to this template. Amazing template to show your record on Google. You can put your beautiful and good-looking photos on the template and it will show all those images as a Google search result. Let's check the preview of the template and you can open the template directly in the capcut. 

Use Template

3- Slideshow Capcut Template

This slideshow capcut template first shows your 4-5 images slowly in a grid and then uses slow and fast motion curves to present your images with a great and amazing look. You can provide your favorite images to the slideshow template and it will create an amazing slideshow for you. You just need to select some of the best photos of you and then add them to the template and export the video. 

Use Template

4- Closer Capcut Template

The closer capcut template is one of the top trending templates on Tiktok. This template shows your one image zooms it slowly and then shows the remaining photos of you quickly and interestingly so that the whole slideshow creates an amazing effect on your short video. Upload your video after exporting and you are surely going to get thousands of likes. 

Use Template

5- Masking Capcut Template 

Masking templates are always on the top of trends in the world of short videos or reels on the internet. You can use this Masking Template to create your own amazing video to get a lot of likes and shares on social media platforms like Instagram and Tiktok. This Masking capcut template uses the masking effect to make an amazing look for your video. There are a lot of masking effects in this capcut template. 

Use Template

6- Masking Vlog Capcut Template 

This is the masking vlog template. It uses masking effects with smooth music, smooth animations, and cool saturated color grading to make your short clips one of the highly and professionally edited clips and an amazing short/mini vlog. Use this template on your short clips. 

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7- 3D iPhone Capcut Template

This 3D template is one of the amazing and shortest templates for short videos on Capcut. You might have watched this trendy template on different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, and YouTube Shorts. This 3D iPhone template rotates an iPhone to display your picture in a block and then quickly closes it producing an amazing effect. 

Use Template

8- 3D Zoom Trend Capcut Template

3D zoom template is one of those templates that are always on trend. Your Photos create an amazing movement and 3D effect. Your photos in this template are automatically adjusted to move with the smooth curves. Try out this trendy capcut template and upload this to tiktok to get thousands of likes and shares. 

Use Template

9- Lyric Video Template 

This lyrical video template provides a musical background with smooth Hindi music songs and provides the facility to add your picture in the background of the music player. Use this template with your amazing photo and make a combination of good music with amazing photos. Must try this capcut lyrik template. 

Use Template

10- Where Are You Now Template

Where Are You Now is one of the top and trending songs these days. This capcut template provides neon, glowing text with the lyrics of the songs on your photo. Add your photo and this template will add the song lyrics above your photo by creating an amazing, and trendy look. This template has thousands of likes and creations on tiktok. 


This can be hard to choose which template to use among countless options available on various social media platforms like Lyrically, Tiktok, and Capcut. These are some of the best templates of all time to choose for your best photos. 


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