How to Setup a Free Blog and Make Money Online

Do you know you can start a blog for free and make money online? Blogging is a very good field to get into making money online for free. There are a lot of Blogging platforms where you can set up a blog and can start writing content. 

The question here is how to start blogging and become a successful blogger? How do you create a blog that generates hundreds of dollars a month? Do you need to learn how to write a blog? What are the prerequisites, and More questions are answered below.

how to start a blog || how to create a blog

There are many ways you can start a blog and get paid. There are different blogging platforms, different blog types, and various ways to make money through blogging (Adsense is one of them).

How to Create a Blog

To start blogging, the first step is to have a blog on the internet. You need three things to start a blog and publish your content. 

  1. Domain Name 
  2. Hosting 
  3. Blogging Platform 

What is a Domain? The domain is simply the name of your website or blog i.e.,,, and, etc. 

You can select a domain name from Godaddy and Namecheap. These websites allow you to purchase a domain name for your website or blog. There are different prices for different domain names, some domains are too expensive and some are cheap. You can buy any of your choices.

What is Hosting?  Hosting is a storage for storing your website's pictures, videos, and text. You can buy cheap and fast hosting from Hostinger as it is recommended by many experts. 

On hostinger, there are several offers every time, and you can take benefit of them. In short, for your blog or website, you must have a Domain and Hosting. 

1- Blogging Platforms

There are different Blogging platforms to start a blog. You can choose any of these if you want to start a professional blog or website. All of the given blogging platforms allow you to setup a free blog. You can create your blog on these blogging platforms for free. 

  1. Blogger
  2. Medium 
  3. WordPress 
  4. Wix
  5. Squarespace 

2- How to Set Up a Blog for Free

You are a beginner and want to know about Blogging and do have not much experience in blogging. So, you will be looking to start a blog for free and make money through that blog. 

Is it possible to create a blog for free? Yes, you can start a blog for free just to experience what is blogging and if is it for you? 

How to start a blog for free || how to create a blog for free

To start a blog for free, you need to follow these simple steps. 

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click New Blog
  3. Enter the Name of the Blog
  4. Select a username or URL
  5. Click Save 

and your simple blog is ready. Blogger provides your free domain with "". This is a good way to start for free. 

You can always buy a domain and connect this to your blog later. 

You can now access your dashboard and publish your content. You can adjust blogger settings according to you. 

You can apply new themes and customize them. There are different online websites providing free blogger themes. Use them. is owned by Google. Google provides you free Hosting for your blog. So, no need to buy any hosting. Finally, we created a blog with a free domain and free hosting offered by Google. Also the SSL certificate is given by Google for free. 

3- How to Start Blogging

Except for Blogger and Medium, on all other platforms, you must have a domain and hosting to start your blog. 

You can also connect your custom domain name with your blogger blog similar to "" which is a custom domain name, and this blog is on the blogger platform. 

  • Create a Blog 

You need to select one of the blogging platforms mentioned above. After selecting a blogging platform, create a simple blog and publish it on the internet. 

When you create a blog, it looks very simple and you have to make some amendments to your blog.

  • Customize Your Blog 

After the successful startup of your blog, you need to customize your blog to look as you want. If you are for example on a WordPress blog, you need to apply a theme to your blog.

Create a blog || customize a blog

There are a lot of free themes available on WordPress. You can select a theme and apply it and after that customize this easily. For better performance and support, try to purchase a premium but affordable theme. 

There are countless plugins available to enhance the productivity and performance of your website. You can utilize them to enhance web speed, SEO, and other things. 

  • Select Your Niche

After creating a blog, this is the time to publish your content. You first need to select a blogging niche so that you can publish your content in that niche. 

A famous Pakistani Blogger Hisham Sarwar says that "for blogging you should be a subject matter expert, if you are an expert at something, start a blog and teach others." 

Some popular blog niches are: 

  • Technology 
  • Health 
  • Parenting 
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Fashion 
  • Travel

Famous blogging Niches

You can also select any profitable niche of your choice. This needs research and your own interest in something to start a successful blog. 

  •  Write Blogs 

If you want to get recognized on the internet, you must publish unique and educational content that can solve the problems of others. 

People on the internet want either a solution or information about something. If you fulfill their requirement then it's a good sign for you. 

To rank your content or blog, you should have a sound knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. You can learn yourself or hire a specialist as the author of this blog (Ali Zain). 

3- How to Make Money with Blogs 

There are several ways to make money online, and one of them is with blogs. You can get Google Adsense Approval, start Affiliate marketing, and Sponsored product reviews. You can make money in all the ways at once with proper strategy. 

How to make money with Blogs || how to start a blog and get paid

  • Google Adsense

After creating a professional blog, customization, and publishing some content, you should look at Google's Adsense Policies and if your blog fulfills them, then apply for Adsense

After Adsense approval, Google will start showing ads on your blog and you will be able to earn money. You can withdraw your money easily through your bank account.  

  • Affiliate Marketing 

You can also make money with Affiliate Marketing, this is the best way to make money by doing nothing. You just need to promote something related to your niche. 

  • Sponsored Reviews 

Once you become an authority and have gained fame on the internet, brands will contact you. You just need to review their products and talk about the brand which is the sponsor. 


Those days have gone, by when you need to pay a lot of money to create a blog and write the content you want to write. You can now set up a blog for free and make money online. You just need to create a blogger account and start publishing your content. 

You must have knowledge about how to write blogs, content that ranks, and how to use Google tools to rank your blog. 

Other blogging platforms allow you to create your free blog similarly to Google Blogger. You just need to set up your blogging account and start writing. You can use LinkedIn, Medium and Wordpress to create your free blog. 


I am Ali Zain. An expert Content Researcher, Writer and Video Content Creator. Interested in Modern Technologies and Tech Trends.

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