5 Best Graphic Designing Courses on YouTube

This is the era of the digital world and the digital world is full of graphics and visuals, that is why nowadays we watch a lot of ads on YouTube and on different websites in the form of graphics and pictures. Graphic Designing is visual communication directly with viewers, which is in demand nowadays. 

There are a lot of paid courses on Udemy and Coursera that are quality courses and of course, they are paid. If you want to learn graphic design for free then YouTube is the best place to learn graphic design for free. 

YouTube Channels to Learn Graphic Design

The scope of graphic designing is increasing daily as there are a lot of new Ai tools for the help of graphic designers. Graphic Designers can now create different visuals like posters, business cards, and flyers with the help of new tools and techniques. 

Top 10 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Graphic Design

There are a lot of graphic design jobs at local and international level. People are earning 50,000+ dollars per year by graphic designing. If you are also interested in Graphic Designing then hurry up! learn it from YouTube and earn through it. 

Learn Graphic Designing

The question here is why learn graphic design? The importance of graphic design can be explained in such a way that every YouTuber needs a graphic designer to design his video thumbnails, every company needs a graphic designer to create its logo, and every organization or company needs a designer to design its ads. 

In the world of visuals, graphic designers are required by every organization as well as influencers and individuals who are working through the internet. 

So, here is a list of some of the best YouTube channels to learn about Graphic design. Some channels are teaching famous graphic design tools like Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop, and some are teaching theories of design to refine your designs. 


One of the best YouTube channels to learn about Graphic design in the Urdu language. Imran Ali Dina has been teaching graphic design on his GFX mentor channel for many years. 


He had been teaching graphic design in different institutes and universities before starting his YouTube channel. Imran Ali is an experienced designer with clear concepts of Graphic design. You can learn LOGO Designing, Poster designing, UI UX designing, and product photography on his GFXM YouTube channel. 

  • Channel: GFX Mentor 
  • Subscribers: 2M+ 
  • Language: Urdu / Hindi 
  • Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, Premiere Pro, After Effect 
  • Skills: Graphic Design + Video Editing

He is not only teaching graphic designing but also teaching Video editing and animation. You can Learn video editing on Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe After Effects to create incredible videos. The advanced Color Grading classes have started on the GFXM YouTube channel. 

2- Satori Graphics

Satori Graphics is one of my favorite YouTube channels teaching graphic design. Satori Graphics has covered all the topics related to design. From theory to practical everything is stored on one YouTube channel. 

satori graphics

Satori Graphics teaches about Logo designing, Fonts in design, plugins, hacks, colors, and tips about software like Photoshop and Illustrator. To get advanced concepts about Graphic design, you need to visit the Satori Graphics Channel. 

  • Channel: Satori Graphics
  • Subscribers: 1M+ 
  • Language: English
  • Software: Illustrator
  • Skills: Typography, Logo Design, Theories, Design Tips

You can learn advanced theories and techniques from the Satori Graphics YouTube channel. This channel also compares good design vs bad design to teach you how to design the perfect and eye-catching posters, logos, and all other stuff in designing. 

3- Nikhil Pawar

Nikhil Pawar YouTube channel is run by Nikhil. Nikhil is one of the top graphic designers and has a lot of experience in the design field. Nikhil is a graphic designer as well as a very good animator and video editor. 

nikhil pawar
Nikhil is teaching you all about Photoshop and Illustrator. Nikhil Pawar is not teaching from scratch, but making you able to create trendy designs. 
  • Channel: Nikhil Pawar
  • Subscribers: 200k+ 
  • Language: Urdu / Hindi 
  • Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma
  • Skills: Graphic Design + Video Editing

Nikhil Pawar is also helping others by refining their designs. You can submit your design to be refined by Nikhil pawar. 

You can learn advanced levels of animation and video editing effects on Nikhil's other YouTube channel named "Dope Motion". Dope Motion channel is focused on animation and video effects. 

4- Azad Chaiwala 

Azad Chaiwala is a well-known and popular personality in Pakistan. Azad is an entrepreneur who inspires youth to get rich as soon as possible. He is against the old and traditional educational system of Pakistan. 

azad chaiwala

Azad Chaiwala has his own institutes where his staff / Teachers teach about different trending skills like Programming, Graphic Design, Development, and many more courses. All those courses were paid before, but now all these paid courses are officially available on his YouTube channel Azad Chaiwala. 

Azad Chaiwala has taught Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Canva for graphic design. There are almost 30+ hours of course for Graphic Designing. You can learn for free now. 

  • Channel: Azad Chaiwala
  • Subscribers: 2M+ 
  • Language: Urdu / Hindi 
  • Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva
  • Skills: Graphic Design

You can also learn about Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro at intermediate level. You just need to open Azad Chaiwala's YouTube channel and explore his playlists about Graphic design and Video Editing. 

5- Tutvid

Tutvid with its 1M+ subscribers is teaching all about Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Other design essentials. Tutvid teaches about General Graphic design, Illustrator tutorials, and also about video editing using Adobe Premiere and After Effects. 


You can also learn some tips and tricks about Photoshop and graphic design. Tutvid regularly tells about newly released software like Photoshop 2023 or later, and similar to other software like Illustrator. 

  • Channel: Tutvid
  • Subscribers: 1M+ 
  • Language: English
  • Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effect
  • Skills: Graphic Design + Video Editing
So, what are you waiting for? Get ready and start exploring the mentioned YouTube channels to learn Graphic design. You can be a very good graphic designer if you choose the right mentor and do a lot of practice.


I am Ali Zain. An expert Content Researcher, Writer and Video Content Creator. Interested in Modern Technologies and Tech Trends.

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