5 Budget Laptops for Students in Pakistan [Price + Specs] 2024

 If you are a student looking for a good laptop, you are at the right place. This blog post is all about choosing the best laptop at the best price to be a value-for-money product for students. Whether you are looking for a budget laptop for normal usage or want a high-performance and good-looking laptop that is value for money, then be with me, I am going to guide you step by step and at the end of this blog post you will be able to choose a laptop for you. 

There are a lot of companies providing laptops in Pakistan like Dell, HP, Asus, Lenovo, Apple, and Samsung. There is another type of laptop that is Chromebook, that runs on Android Operating System. We are going to discuss which laptop is better and why? 

Do Students Need a Laptop?

There are hundreds of reasons I can tell you, why a student needs a laptop? Pakistan is among the top 5 countries for Freelancing. Through freelancing, students earn good money that makes them financially independent. 

Students in Pakistan nowadays study Computer Science, Information Technology, and Software Engineering. Students in these fields must have a laptop to practice and enhance their skills and be successful in the industry. Theories and formulas cannot make an IT student ready for the industry for practical work. 

Best Laptops for Students in Pakistan [Price + Specs] 2024

Colleges and Universities often assign presentations on different topics to students, and let them present their ideas digitally before the teachers and other classmates. For the preparation of presentations, students are required to have a laptop. 

Institutions usually assign homework and assignments to students and instruct them to prepare them in a digital format, this is for the digital literacy of the students. Students of the 21st century must know the usage of computers, and other essential software like MS Office, and cloud platforms like Google Documents, Google Slides, etc. 

Online Education and boot camps can only be taken from a device like a laptop. Students gain knowledge from different websites like Wikipedia, and YouTube to gain extra knowledge or for a better understanding of the concepts. Online Meetings on Google Meet and Microsoft Teams help the students collaborate with each other and with the teachers. 

Fact About Author: The author of this blog "The Tech Boss" is a student of Information Technology, and has a laptop. 

Laptops for Students in Pakistan

The first thing students must know is that there is no Laptop brand in Pakistan, all the laptops are imported into Pakistan. That is why it is hard to find a 100% new laptop. But there are uncountable choices for the students to choose from. 

We are going to list down the top 10 laptops for the students. Whether you are a student of Computer Science or Information Technology and looking for the Top and the best laptops for programming in Pakistan, or you are a student of Graphic Design and looking for the best laptops for Graphic Designing and Video Editing in Pakistan, we have cover all the choices of the students. 

Before buying any laptop you need to consider these things: 

  • Processor 
  • Battery Life 
  • Display 
  • RAM + ROM 
  • Size and Portability 
  • Keyboard Preferences
  • Price Range

Laptops with their specifications and prices are given below, you can choose one, that is right for you. A student must select a laptop with higher generation as it comes with lightweight and portability, and also prefer a higher processor for better performance while working. But don't worry, we have listed only the top and the best laptops for students. 

1- HP 15s FQ5098TU

HP 15s is one of the top-notch and quality laptops for students. HP 15s comes with a 15.6-inch display with 1920 * 1080 HD resolution, and HP 15s has 1.69 kg of weight. A bigger, high-resolution display with only 1.69kg of weight makes the HP 15s one of the best laptops for students. 

5 Budget Laptops for Students in Pakistan [Price + Specs] 2024

HP 15s comes with an Intel Core i5 processor with 12th generation and a maximum processing speed of 4.40 GHz. It has 8GB of RAM, 512GB of ROM or SSD storage, and also has a Graphic Memory of Intel Iris XE Graphics. It has a backlit keyboard and a front camera of 720p resolution. 

HP 15s specifications are listed below:

  • Processor: Intel Core i5-1235u 
  • Processing Speed: 1.30 GHz up to 4.40 GHz
  • Generation: 12th
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage: 512GB 
  • Size: 15.6 inches
  • Resolution: Full HD (1920*1080)
  • OS: Windows 11
  • Weight: 1.69kg
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Wifi: Yes
  • Fingerprint: No
  • Price: 150,000 PKR (priceoye)

Now let me assure you that how this laptop is one of the best laptops in its price range for students. HP 15s comes with 8GB of RAM, that can easily handle modern operating systems like Windows 11, and any distribution of Linux. 

Core i5 with 12th generation laptop is easy to carry and is lightweight. Higher generations usually consume less power, so you can do tasks longer, with longer battery life. 1080p of resolution makes the visual experience far better than 900p or less resolution. 

512GB of SSD storage comes with a huge speed of read and write. It means you can copy and paste quickly. The base speed of the processor is 1.30 GHz which seems very low, but it can boost up to 4.40GHz which is super extreme. All these specifications and features make the HP 15s a reliable and value-for-money product for students. 

2- Lenovo Ideapad 5

Lenovo has always launched quality products for its customers. Lenovo provides Laptops and accessories of high-end quality at reasonable prices not only in Pakistan but at the global level. Lenovo IdeaPad 5 comes with a sleek and slim design that looks amazing when carrying in hands or using the laptop. 

Lenovo Ideapad 5 specifications are listed below:

  • Processor: Intel Core i5
  • Processing Speed: 2.40 GHz up to 4.20 GHz
  • Generation: 11th
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage: 512GB 
  • Size: 15.6 inches
  • Resolution: Full HD (1920*1080)
  • OS: DOS
  • Weight: 1.66kg
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Wifi: Yes
  • Fingerprint: No
  • Price: 147,000 PKR (priceoye)

Lenovo IdeaPad 5 comes with 15.6 inches of display with 1920 * 1080 FHD resolution. Lenovo Ideapad 5 also has a backlit keyboard, that helps working in the night or low-light environment. Lenovo provides one of the best laptop displays. Also, Lenovo Ideapad 5 has a powerful processor to handle high-end tasks. It has an Intel Core i5 11th generation processor with a 2.40 GHz base speed and 4.20 GHz boost speed. You can perform any task with this laptop as a student. 

Lenovo Ideapad 5 has 8GB of RAM and 512 GB of SSD storage. 8GB of RAM is enough to handle multiple tasks and operate any Operating System like Windows and Linux. 

Lenovo Ideapad 5 can perform tasks like presentation designing, Assignment making, and also high-end tasks like Graphic Design, and Video Editing. You can consider this laptop as a student, and I hope this will fulfill your needs. 

3- HP EliteBook 850 G8

HP EliteBook 850 comes with robust performance and premium built quality. HP laptops are usually slim and sleek which is a very good feature, and makes the laptop easy to carry and facilitates the users to work anywhere on the laptops. A soothing design with low bezels and a slim body provides a premium look. 

5 Budget Laptops for Students in Pakistan [Price + Specs] 2024

Some highlighting features of the HP EliteBook 850 are given:

  • Processor: Intel Core i5
  • Processing Speed: 2.40 GHz up to 4.20 GHz
  • Generation: 11th
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage: 256 GB 
  • Size: 15.6 inches
  • Resolution: Full HD (1920*1080)
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Weight: 3.71kg
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Wifi: Yes
  • Fingerprint: Yes
  • Price: 169,000 PKR (savyour)

HP EliteBook has a processor of Intel Core i5, with 11 Generation. This processor has a 2.4GHz base speed and a 4.2GHz boost speed. The 11th generation of the HP EliteBook 850 makes the laptop efficient, and lightweight. 15.6 inches of the display comes with 1920 * 1080 resolution (FHD). 8GB of the latest version of RAM (DDR4) is installed and 256GB of SSD is available as a storage of the laptop. 

There is no dedicated graphics card with the laptop. A fingerprint reader, Numeric keyboard, and Backlit keyboard features are available making the laptop easy to use for productivity for the students. So must try out this laptop if you have a budget in this price range. 

4- HP 15-DY5131WM

HP 15-DY5131WM comes with a slim design and silver color, a good-looking laptop that provides premium experiences while working with it. With a crystal clear display, with a good quality processor, RAM, and ROM this laptop is in our top 5 best laptops for students in Pakistan. 

This laptop comes with an Intel Core i3 12th-generation processor. 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD NvMe M2 storage is available with the laptop. 15.6 inches of display with 1920*1080 FHD resolution adds value to the product. You can get a boost speed of 4.40GHz with the turbo boost feature. 

A fingerprint reader, 720p front camera, wifi and Bluetooth features, USB ports for sharing and transferring data, and many more features make the laptop to be considered by the students. Students can get this laptop on a low budget. This laptop is a value-for-money product. 

5- Dell 13" Latitude 13-3330

Dell Latitude 13 comes with a bit smaller display of 13.3 inches, which is the best option for students who want to have a handy laptop easy to use, and easy to carry from one place to another similar to the book. Dell Latitude 13 comes with a good and higher specification processor for better performance for the students. 

Dell Latitude 13 has an Intel Core i5 processor of the 13th generation, ensuring the efficiency and modernness of the laptop. The FHD 1080p resolution of the display with a small laptop is one of the best features of all time. 8GB of RAM is available for smooth performance while multitasking. 256GB of SSD storage on the laptop. 

Dell Latitude 13 comes with the Windows 11 operating system that provides a premium software experience to the users. You can enjoy all the modern, and the latest features of the operating system, and use its productivity features like Office 365, inbuilt editors, and screen recorder, and photo viewer. 


This is the list of the top 5 best budget laptops for students in Pakistan. There are a lot of laptops available in the market, your choice of yours depends on the area where are you living, and the budget you have. You can choose any of the above laptops according to your budget and required specifications. 

Remember! You can also get used laptops in mid-range and at low prices in Pakistan in different Mobile & Laptop Markets in different cities of Pakistan. Also, read the below posts if you want to buy used laptops from trusted and well-known markets in popular cities of Pakistan. 


I am Ali Zain. An expert Content Researcher, Writer and Video Content Creator. Interested in Modern Technologies and Tech Trends.

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