Best Coding Apps to Learn Computer Programming

 In the era of technology, people want to learn high-end skills like programming on their mobile phones. You can take programming lectures from your mobile and then practice that on your PC or laptop. 

This article is about the top and best coding apps on Google Playstore. You can learn programming languages like Python, C++, java, javascript, HTML, CSS, and many more things in programming for free. 

Free Apps to Learn Coding

All the apps in this list are trusted, well-rated and famous in their relevant categories. You can start learning programming even in your school, kitchen, ground, or anywhere you are free and can use a mobile phone. 

Best Coding Apps to Learn Computer Programming

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You can watch video lectures and written instructions and then practice those lectures on your PC or laptop after learning. There are also many online compilers for programming, you can use online compilers and perform some programming tasks. 

1- Sololearn: Learn to Code

Sololearn is one of the popular coding apps for students. Sololearn comes with 19MB of size and 10M+ downloads on the Google Play Store. It has a 4.6-star rating. 

Sololearn can teach you HTML, CSS, javascript, Python, SQL, and 20+ programming languages with small and interactive lessons in the app. You just need to watch the lesson prepared by expert programmers and then practice that. 

Sololearn app has these features:

  • 10M+ downloads 
  • 20+ programming languages
  • Online Compiler 
  • 15000+ Quizzes 
  • 2000+ Lessons 
  • Programming Competitions 
  • Programmers Community 

You can also write and compile code from mobile. You can do your assignments on your mobile phone. You can also connect with the online programmer's community and can take help or help others in this learning process. 

2- Programming Hub: Learn to Code

One of the famous and recommended app to learn new programming languages for free. Programming hub teaches coding languages like C++, Python, Javascript, and many more to students for free. 

Programming hub says that the programming lessons are created by the collaboration of IT experts and google trainers for the students. Programming hub has got the editor's choice reward from the google play store for its awesome and quality services. 

Programming Hub has the following features: 

  • Online Compiler 
  • Linux 
  • R Programming 
  • Python 3 
  • Swift 
  • SQL
  • Jquery 
  • Javascript 

and other programming languages and technologies like C#, C++, and Web technologies. There are 5M+ downloads of Programming hub on the Google play store. You can learn through 5000+ coding examples and can compile them on an inbuilt online compiler.

3- Mimo

Mimo is a popular mobile application for learning to code. It is designed to be beginner-friendly and offers a gamified learning experience that makes it more engaging and enjoyable. The app is available on Android and iOS platforms and has been downloaded by millions of users worldwide. 

Mimo offers courses on various programming languages and technologies, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, SQL, and many others. The courses are divided into bite-sized lessons that can be completed in as little as 5 minutes. 

Mimo has the following key features in it for the learners: 

  • 2600+ Python Exercises 
  • 32+ Python Projects
  • 53+ Python Concept
  • 13000+ web-development exercises
  • 62 web projects 
  • 87+ web development concepts
  • Learn to analyze data using SQL

Each lesson includes interactive coding challenges, quizzes, and explanatory videos that help users grasp key concepts. One of the standout features of Mimo is its gamified learning experience. The app rewards users with points and badges as they complete lessons and courses, which can be used to track their progress and keep them motivated.


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