PUBG New Update 19.1 includes Assassin's Creeds Crossover Content

PUBG and Assassin's Creeds Abstergo have collaborated for a short time. The Assassin's Creeds content is coming in PUBG (Players Unknown Battleground) with new guns, gun skins, and many more features for the players to enjoy. 

PUBG and Assassin's Creed collaboration

PUBG is launching new content as soon as possible for the players. PUBG wants the players not to be bored from the same battlefields, guns, vehicles, and emotes. That's why PUBG regularly introduces new updates for the players. 

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Assassin's Creeds Addition in PUBG

PUBG or Players Unknown Battleground is launching a new update 19.1 that is coming for the devices mentioned at the end of the post. This new update will have a new gun with 9mm ammunition.

MP9 new Gun

PUBG is going to introduce a new gun named MP9. This new gun's name is MP9 which is very much similar to P90. But the MP9 has lesser damage and a low range of fight. 

New PUBG gun MP9

Foldable Shields

The foldable shield is going to be introduced in the maps. The players can have fought on the open grounds using these shields as covers. The one shield has 1500 HP health. The installation of the foldable shield can be canceled during installation and can't be used again once installed. 

Pillar Security Car

There is one new car, The Pillar Security Car has 900 HP, a speed of 130km/h, and 135km/h with a boost. It has a fuel tank of 1000 and 4 players capacity. The capacity of 4 players is very essential as there are four players in each squad, and there are some cars in PUBG that have the capacity of only two players. 

Blue Chip Detector 

You need to find this new chip on the battlefield to spot the enemies around you. This new blue chip detector can scan 12 enemies around you. It produces a beeping sound if there is any enemy or enemies around you within 100m of radius. Only the holder of this chip can see the enemies as dots and can hear the sound of beeping. 

There are some more things added like a new emote, new machines on the battlefields, new season parachutes, and many more minor changes in the game. You will see advertisements of PUBG collaborating with Assassins in different locations on the map.

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