Top 10 Best Offline Racing Games for Android 2023

Racing games are among the most searched and most liked games on Android. Offline racing games now come with smooth graphics and motions to let you enjoy the realistic racing experience and gameplay. 

Top 10 Offline Racing Games for Android in 2022

If you are fond of racing games and you also want to play racing games offline on your Android Phone, then this list of the Ten best offline Racing games is for you. You can enjoy single and competitive multiplayer gameplay while staying offline. 

10 Best Offline Racing Games for Android 

This article is about the 10 best and most liked racing games for Android. All these racing games are offline and you can enjoy the realistic car racing and bike racing experience in the games mentioned below. 

Our list of best offline racing games for Android consists of two main categories. 

  1. Car Racing Games 
  2. Bike Racing Games 

All the games in Car racing games and bike racing games are offline and come with excellent graphics, animations, and realistic motions. 

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10 Best offline Games for Android

1- Asphalt 8 

Asphalt 8 is one of the most liked car racing games for Android. Asphalt 8 can be played offline without the internet. Asphalt 8 has fast racing gameplay with smart animations and gesture controls. You can race with other cars and the main focus of the game is to beat others in racing. 

Asphalt 8 racing game

Asphalt 8 has:

  • 300+ Racing Cars 
  • Different Challenges 
  • Car Customization 
  • Different Maps for Racing 
  • Racing Cars + Motorcycles 
  • Single and Multiplayer Racing 

Asphalt 8 offline racing game comes with only 122MB of size on Google Play Store and has 100M+ downloads with a huge good positive rating. The huge good thing about this game is that it offers both online and offline modes. 

Asphalt 8 offers 300+ cars and different bikes and 75+ tracks for racing. A player becomes bored if there is only one track to race, but Asphalt 8 offers a lot of tracks for the players. You can also customize your cars as you will. 

2- Beach Buggy Racing

Beach Buggy racing is my favorite offline racing game and it is among the famous and most liked offline car racing games. The excellent thing about this game is different Arenas, there is a leader in every arena and you have to beat him in racing. 

Beach Buggy Racing has:

  • 15 Racing Tracks  
  • Different Drivers 
  • Multiplayer on Android TV
  • Smooth Gameplay
  • Gyro-type Interactivity 
  • Different Cars 
  • Car Upgradation 

There are different drivers in the game and each driver has unique qualities. The game offers different maps for racing with different drivers. The game has 30 Million players worldwide. There are tons of wonderful power-ups to fight and win the race while racing. 

3- CSR 2 - Drag Racing Car 

One of the top-grossing offline racing games for Android. The CSR2 game comes with a huge big size of 3.6 GB and has 50M+ downloads on the Google Play Store and also a very good positive rating from its users. 

CSR 2 is one of the top-grossing racing games on the Google Play Store. It is a singular and competitive multiplayer game. It has Realistic graphics and casual gameplay. 

CSR 2 has:

  • AR Mode 
  • Car Customization
  • Interesting Gameplays 
  • Old Cars of the 70s, 80s, 90s. 
  • Realistic Gameplays 
  • Smooth HD Graphics 

CSR 2 game has an excellent gaming concept that is you have old cars of the 70s, 80s, and so on, you have to customize the cars and give them a new look by customization. The customization, good quality graphics, and other features make this game worth downloading and playing. 

4- City Racing 3D

A city racing 3D game with 50M+ downloads on the google store and a lot of reviews from its users. A game that is really a racing game and provides a realistic and natural racing environment. You race in cities of different countries. 

city racing 3d

You can race with other cars and the main mission is to win the race by defeating all other players. The animations, booster blur, and drifts are awesome for the cars. You can repair and upgrade your cars. 

City Race 3D has:

  • Realistic Crashes 
  • Multiple Cars 
  • Multiplayer Mode 
  • Customization 
  • Wonderful Racing Flow 
City race 3D is a realistic car racing game. It gives a real and natural feeling as you are racing with other cars. The real drifts, the real motions and motion blur, and many more excellent features. Must try out this amazing racing game. 

5- GT Racing 2 

GT Racing 2 is a car racing game with realistic and excellent graphics for racing and provides a perfect racing environment. GT Racing 2 is a game that has a lot of downloads and millions of players worldwide. 

gt racing 2

GT Racing 2 has 10M+ downloads on the Google PlayStore and has almost 2 Million reviews from its users and players worldwide. This awesome racing game also has a good positive user rating on the google play store. 

GT Racing 2 provides:

  • Realistic Graphics 
  • Four Maps 
  • Different timings for Race
  • Multiple Racing Laps 
You can play in different weather and day timings. Some races are held during the day and some at night, and there are some different weather conditions in the race. You can enjoy the races and can become an authentic GT Player. 

6- Hill Climb Racing 

Everyone is aware of Hill Climb Racing Game. A superb car game with simple but exciting graphics. A car racing game with 500M+ downloads and millions of reviews on the Google Play Store. 

hill climb racing game

This game comes with realistic and fun gameplay. You can see the realistic Physical Motions and gravity in the game with a lot of different weather conditions and different vehicles. You can customize your vehicle and also upgrade it. 

Hill Climb Racing 2 has:

  • 30 Vehicles 
  • Realistic Motions 
  • Different Gravity
  • Different Levels 
  • Different Weather
  • Daily Challenges 

There are 30 vehicles the hill climb racing provides. You can also upgrade your vehicles with the coins you collect from the gameplay. There are different weather to play and every weather is like a different planet that has different gravity

There are a lot of fun moments in the game. The motion of the driver during the ride and the jumps make the gameplay really fun and realistic. Must try this game, this game is especially recommended for children

7- Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider is among the most downloaded bike racing games on the Google Play Store. Traffic Rider has 100M+ downloads on the Playstore and millions of reviews and a very good rating on the google platform. 

Traffic Rider is a bike racing game, actually only a bike running game. There is no racing in the game but it looks as if you are racing. You have to cross all the traffic and the main mission is not to crash with other vehicles. 

Traffic Rider Provides you:

  • 20+ Motor Bikes 
  • HD Graphics 
  • Smooth Motions 
  • Realistic Vehicles 
  • Different Weather 
There are 20+ bikes that you can upgrade and customize. You can enjoy the real racing or traffic environment in the game. There are different camera angles to ride. You can have a front view, a side view, and upper view accordingly. 

8- Bike Race: Motorcycle Games

Bike Race: Motorcycle Games is a bike running game that you can play with strategy. This game consists of a tiny and broken path. You have to ride your bike and have to complete the road to win the level. 

motorbike racing game

Bike Race game has 100M+ downloads that tell the importance of this game in view of players. This is a fun game with some technical setup. You should try this game if you want to play a game that is strategy-based or fun. 

9- is a fun game that I have personally played for a long time. This is a game that is not only a bike racing game but also a car racing game. The bikes and cars are so small and the controls of this game are so easy to handle that you can control everything with a touch. 

neon racing game is an amazing game that consists of small vehicles and small neon paths on which you will ride your cars and bikes. You have to win the race. The path is so difficult that you have to stay focused if you want to win the race. 

10- Hellrider 3 

Hellrider 3 is one of the most interesting bike racing games in our list of best offline racing games. This game comes with cartoonish graphics but the gameplay and the smoothness of the game make hellrider 3 a very amazing game. 

You get a mission at every new level in the game, you have to complete the mission to be successful and to reach the next level. There are multiple motorbikes to purchase in the game with coins you earn while riding. 

There are several enemies and you have to kill them with a wonderful strategy and also you have to fight with nature. There is a rain of fireballs and stones, and you have to reach the destination safely. 

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