Best Live Wallpaper Apps for Android Free Download

There are many wallpaper apps available on Google Play Store that you can download for free, but there are only a few apps that provide Live Wallpapers for your mobile's home screen. 

Best live wallpaper apps for Android

Among the most important elements of an excellent home screen setup, a good-looking wallpaper is one of them. This article is about the most famous and quality providing live wallpaper apps for Android. You can download live wallpapers and apply them on Android's home screen for free. 

5 Best Live Wallpaper Apps for Android Free Download

The best apps that provide high-quality 3D and 4D live wallpapers for free are listed below. You can download all these apps from Google Playstore according to your Android version like Android 9, Android 10, and so on to Android 12. 

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1- Fluid Simulation 

The fluid Simulation app provides you only one live wallpaper that is completely customizable. You can download fluid simulation apps for free from Android's Google Playstore. The fluid stimulation live wallpaper app has 10M+ downloads on the play store. 

Fluid Simulation App has:

  • Moving Wallpaper
  • Completely Customizable 
  • HD Wallpaper 
  • High-Quality Movement 
  • Extraordinary settings

The live wallpaper in this app moves as you scroll on the screen. There is a live wallpaper of fluid in this app, you can set up its moving speed, its intensity, and its colors. There are different RGB colors for this moving or animated live wallpaper. Must try this fluid simulation live wallpaper app as it is suggested by many big YouTubers. 

2- Wave Live Wallpapers Maker 3D

Wave live wallpapers maker 3d is a live wallpaper provider that has a facility to create wallpapers. You can create different layers and put different objects on the layers and can create a wallpaper of your own choice for free. 

Wave live wallpaper maker has just completed its 10M downloads on Google playstore. Wave live wallpaper app provides the facility to apply 3D effects like a pro. You can feel the 3D depth effect and Gyro interactivity of wallpapers. 

3- Pixel 4D Live Wallpapers

Pixel live wallpaper app has 50M+ downloads and a very good rating on the Google Play store. Have you tried 4D live wallpapers or have listened about them? If not, then this 4D live wallpaper app is just amazing for you. 

Pixel 4D live wallpaper app has:

  • Amoled Wallpapers 
  • Popular Themes 
  • Battery Efficient wallpapers
  • Easy to Customize Wallpapers

Pixel 4D live wallpaper app has 4-dimensional moving and animated wallpapers for free. You can apply it to your home screen and can see the moving wallpaper with gyro interactivity that looks too amazing. 

4- Zedge

Zedge is a popular and amazing not only wallpaper app but also a ringtone provider and NFT provider. You can get high-quality amoled wallpapers and live wallpapers named video wallpapers in the Zedge app. 

Zedge app has:

  • HD Wallpapers 
  • Video Wallpapers 
  • Ringtones 
  • NFTs
  • Abstract Wallpapers 

You need to have Z-coins to download pro wallpapers that you can get free by watching ads. You can download free HD wallpapers, Video Wallpapers, NFTs, and Ringtones from this awesome all-in-one app. 

5- NoxLucky - 4K Live Wallpapers

NoxLucky live wallpapers app is an amazing wallpaper that not only provides the facility to apply live wallpapers but also lets you set your TikTok videos as live wallpaper for your home screen. 

Noxlucky app has:

  • Video to Live Wallpapers 
  • High-Quality Live Wallpapers 
  • 4D Wallpapers
  • Filters for Wallpapers 
  • Wallpaper Scheduler  
Noxlucky app has 10M+ downloads on google playstore and comes with a good rating. You can set your videos to live wallpapers and the main thing is a live wallpaper for the call screen. You can customize your wallpapers with filters and different other elements. You can set a schedule to change wallpapers automatically


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