10 Best Free Online Multiplayer Games for Android

Are you looking for some interesting, free online games to play on an Android device? This is the list of the ten best and most free online games for Android. These are free and downloadable android games. You can play these online games with multiplayer or with your friends. 

10 best online games for android

Games were a way of relaxation and entertainment in the past few years, but now gaming has become a profession and people are earning by playing games. Online games are way more popular than offline. Gamers play online games with friends and earn money. 

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Best Free Online Multiplayer Games 

List of free online multiplayer games to play on Android devices. These games are of different categories. Some are racing games, some are arcade games, and some are action games like PUBG lite and GTA 5 for mobile. 

1- PUBG Mobile

Players Unknown Battleground (PUBG) is the most popular online multiplayer game in the present day. You can play solo or can invite your friends to play with you.  These days action online games are being liked by people and PUBG is one of them. PUBG was first launched for PC gamers and then for Mobile gamers. 

On the anniversary of PUBG in 2022, PUBG raised a slogan as #1 game in the world. PUBG has millions of online players. There are 100 players in a standard Ranked match. There are four players in every squad. The last player or last squad in the battlefield wins the game. 

PUBG has: 

  • Multiple Players
  • High-Quality Graphics 
  • Realistic Gameplay 
  • Realistic motions 
  • Everything Customizable 
  • All famous Guns 
  • Different Maps 
  • Different Matches 

PUBG has high-quality graphics and animations. The characters, guns, and motions look real in PUBG. You can play PUBG as everything in this game is customizable. You can change the controls, sensitivity, and everything else according to your will. 

If your device lags or does not support the high quality graphics of PUBG then you can go with its liter version that is PUBG Lite. 

2- Asphalt 9: Legends

If you are fond of racing games with high-quality motions and effects, this modern game is for you. Asphalt 9 can be played with your friends and you can have a race. There are multiple levels and maps in this game. 

The way of controlling the game is very interesting. There are certain effects when you are racing and these make the game much more interesting. For example, when you double-tap on one of the controls, the car rotates 360 degrees and seriously looks awesome. 

Asphalt 9 is a high-quality game with animated and HD graphics, if your devices do not support these high-quality graphics, you can download the lower versions of this game i.e- Asphalt 8. 

3- Call of Duty

Call of Duty is another famous and most-liked action game with different battlefields and realistic graphics. Call of Duty supports both FPP and TPP modes. Call of Duty provides you almost 50 maps for Team Death Matches. 

Call of Duty is:

  • Completely Customizable
  • Easy to Learn 
  • Realistic Graphics
  • Realistic Motions 
  • Multiple Matches 

Call of Duty comes with smooth and next-level animations, simply better than PUBG or any other multiplayer game. Call of Duty has the smoothest or high-quality graphics among all the games on this list. 

4- 8 Pool Ball

8 pool ball is a snooker minimalistic online game. You can play with other players around the globe. You get some points when you win a match of pool ball.  These points are useful in upgrading the skins of your sticks. 

There are also held many tournaments in the 8 pool ball, and different teams participate in the matches and win prizes. A top-class game for snooker lovers. The online experience of this game makes this much more interesting than a common single-player game. 

5- Frag Pro Shooter 

An interesting mobile game that comes with two features. Frag pro shooter is an online as well as offline game. This does not require any high-end device. Frag pro shooter is like TDM matches of PUBG or COD. 

Frag pro shooter has cartoonish graphics but the concept of the game is very interesting. You can select 5 players in a squad. Some players are Attackers, some are campers and some are defenders of your area. 

Frag has:

  • Interesting Game Concept 
  • Online and Offline gameplay 
  • Smoother Graphics 
  • 100+ players 
  • 100+ guns 
  • 1v1 matches 

Frag pro shooter can be played in TPP as well as FPP mode. There are 100+ weapons in this game, but every player has a unique gun and unique qualities. Some players can pick up a machine gun, some can fly in the air, and some can move very fast in the arena. 

6- Free Fire 

Free fire is another multiplayer online game for android. Free Fire is very much similar to PUBG. The concept of the game, the maps, the guns, and almost everything is quite similar in both games. But the difference is in the good-quality graphics and motions. 

There are 50 players in the ranked matches of free fire. There are 4 players in each squad to play together. The players are landed on the island and they have to find guns and other equipment to fight with enemies. Free fire can run on a basic system, no need to buy a high-end device. 

If I do a comparison then PUBG lite and Free Fire are quite similar. Both the games can run on a basic system and requires no high-end specification device. Enjoy the battlefield game free of cost and on any device. There are many tournaments and matches of free fire around the globe. 

7- Yalla Ludo 

So, if you are not an action or arcade games lover, then you must try this yalla ludo game. You can play Ludo online with others from all parts of the globe. Different people create an account and play ludo with others online. 

As yalla ludo is an online game, you can do voice and text chat with the competitor or your friends. There are different tournaments in this game, and you can take part. 

8- Apex Legends

Another amazing and newly launched action multiplayer game. You can play with your friends or with random people playing apex legends. Apex legends is a game with a huge size of 3GB for mobile. This game was first launched for PC gamers and then it is launched for mobile in 2022. 

Apex Legends has:

  • HD Graphics 
  • A new type of motion 
  • Multiple maps 
  • Realistic Gunshot jerks 

Apex legends come with different maps and the environment in apex legends is of another type. It gives you city maps unlike pubg, cod, and free fire. All other multiplayer games in this list have maps like open areas with jungles and trees, but apex legends have HD graphics with buildings and houses.

9- Fortnite 

Fortnite is an action multiplayer game but it is not available on Google Play Store. You can download Fortnite's official game from their official website which is epic games. Fortnite is the best multiplayer game on our list. We can say it is better than PUBg and COD, but it is actually not completely optimized for Mobile devices. 

PC gamers play this game well, but for Mobile devices, you need a very high-end smartphone device to play this game. This game is almost 15GB for mobile after updates. This is a multiplayer game with HD graphics and stunning motions but as it is not best for low-end mobiles so it is at #9 on our list. 

10- Real Race 3 

Real Race 3 is a car racing game with a multiplayer option enabled. You can race with your friends or other players in vast areas and clean roads. Racing games do not need to have stunning graphics like action games but this game is awesome in its qualities. 

Racing game lovers must try out the real race 3 game to enjoy multiplayer racing. This game has cool motion effects while racing and good controls. You can select any of the two racing games in Asphalt 9 and real race 3.  


So this is our list of the best and most liked top-rated online games available for Android devices. You can install and play any of the above games according to your mode of gaming. These games are top-grossing in their category. 

If you know some other games that are not included in this list, then you can tell us in the comment section and whenever this list will be updated then you will be able to see the new games suggested by you or other users. THANK YOU! 


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