10 Best Offline Android Games free Download

This article is about the top and best offline free games for android in this current era. If you are looking for the best games for android that you can play offline, then you will find awesome, stunning, and wonderful games in this article. 

10 Best Offline Android Games free Download

Online games are becoming popular day by day but a number of games are coming that are offline. Offline games are usually not multiplayer and have low graphics. But some games are offline and still have stunning graphics. These games are for older and newer versions of Android 9, to Android 12. And even older versions. 

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Free Offline Games for Android

This is the list of the 10 best offline games for android. All these games are tested and have so much fun. Some games are Action games, some are adventure games, some are advanced levels of old games, and so on. Let's know about the 10 best offline Android games. 

1- Frag Pro Shooter

Frag is also included in the list of 10 best online games as Frag pro shooter is both an online and offline game. You can play multiplayer around the world when you are online and you can also play it offline. There are cartoonish graphics in this game, but the concept of this game makes it a wonderful offline game. 

Frag pro shooter offline android game

Frag Pro Shooter has:

  • Hundreds of Characters 
  • Different maps 
  • Auto shoot
  • Upgradeable characters 
  • Smoother game experience
  • Regular updates of events 

There are 5 players in each squad and two squads fight on the battlefields of different maps. Every player in the Frag Pro Shooter game has some strengths and some weaknesses, in other words, some have unique qualities. You have to select players for your team and then attack the enemies. The team who will lose more points will lose the game. 

2- Beach Buggy Racing

If you have tested many other racing games, then I guarantee you that you have not seen games like this. The vehicles and characters are realistic but again this game has physics of motions and graphics of awesome quality. 

Beach Buggy has:

  • Different Locations for Racing 
  • Different Drivers 
  • Various Cars 
  • Realistic Motions 
  • Smoother Racing Experience

There are some players or competitors in each race, and every driver has unique qualities in racing. You can change your drivers as well as cars by getting points and winning the race. There are multiple missions and different maps for racing in Beach Buggy. 

3- Cover Fire: Offline Shooting

Cover fire is an offline game for Android. Cover fire is an action game with awesome and cool graphics. You get a variety of guns and a variety of missions. In each match, you get a mission and you have to complete the mission to go to the next level of the game. 

Cover Fire has:

  • Different Locations 
  • Variety of Weapons 
  • Different Characters 
  • HD Graphics 
  • Smoother Animations 

There are different players with different guns and you are given a player according to the type of given mission. The HD graphics and the cool concept of the game and the strong enemies make the game wonderful. 

4- Shadow Fight 2 

Have you become bored with the action games like cover fire and frag pro shooter and now you want to fight without guns and another type of fight? Then shadow fight 2 is an amazing game. You will experience KUNG FU type of things in this game, as it is a Chinese game. 

Shadow Fight has:

  • New Battles 
  • Kung fu fights 
  • Hundreds of Weapons 
  • Smoother Fight Animations 
  • Different Locations 

Shadow Fight 2 has different types of matches, one is tournaments, the second is survival, the third is main matches with stronger enemies, and some are conditional matches. You will enjoy the concept and the awesome experience of the shadow fight 2 offline game for Android. 

5- Sky Dancer 

Have you played running games like Temple Run and Subway surfers and become bored with these games? Here is a new game with the same concept of running but in a new location and in a newer way of running. 

Sky Dancer has: 

  • Vast Tracks 
  • HD graphics 
  • Running that increases heartbeat
  • Running Stunts 
  • Smooth Gameplay 

In the sky dancer game, you have to move as far as you can and as you go farther the game becomes more interesting. There is not a single track to run like in other games, every track is a short track and you have to move to nearer tracks for running more. Amazing offline game, you must try this.  

6- Race the Sun

Race the sun is another amazing and minimalistic offline game on Android smartphones. You will see an airplane in the game, and you have to fly it by tilting your phone left or right. There are different obstacles in the game, and you have to cross all of them. 

Race the Sun has:

  • New types of Graphics 
  • Smoother Motion 
  • New Concept 
  • No controls on the screen

The concept of Race the Sun is that you are racing with the sun looking in front of you. You want to reach at the sun and there are different obstacles in the way, you have to cross all of these. There are different regions in this game, every region is more difficult as you go farther. 

7- Battle Strike Gunshot Game

OK, so you have played PUBG or other similar games online and want to enjoy the same things offline, then this game is for you. Battle Strike Gunshot Game is a PUBG-like offline game. You can enjoy the fun of Scarl-L, AKM, and M416 guns in this game. 

10 Best Offline Games for Android for free

Battle Strike Gunshot Game has:

  • Different missions
  • HD Graphics 
  • Multiple Guns 
  • PUBG like landing 
  • Zombie killing 

There is a lot more to this game than I have explained to you. You can enjoy a battle royal experience in the battle strike gunshot game. Do play this game and really it's an amazing offline game for Android.

8-  First Galaxy Survival 

If you are fond of survival games lover, then this game is for you. You have to construct your shelter in a newer galaxy where there can be zombies and other animals that can attack you. This game is an open-world game that is offline and is for Android. 

You have to collect things from the surroundings to construct your shelter so that you can live there and while constructing the shelter, there are different problems you have to face. Must try this game if you want to know how to construct and how to be safe in a newer place. 

9- Battle Ops | Offline Gun Game

Battle Ops is an offline PUBG-like game you can play on your android smartphone. There are realistic graphics in this game and you are landed on an island. You have to fight with the enemies or with the zombies for survival. 

Battle ops are very similar game to some online action games like PUBG and Call of Duty. You can enjoy the premium battlefield experience in battle ops offline gun game. This game has all types of guns necessary for survival and smoother HD Graphics for the next-level gaming experience. 

10- Smash Hit 

Smash Hit is an offline Android game with a small gaming concept. This game has zero controls on the screen. The concept of the game is like you are going on an airplane and there are many glasses as obstacles in the way and you have to cross all of them. 

You can cross the obstacles by breaking the glass with balls. Remember, the number of balls is very less and you have to use them correctly so that you can move farther. you can download all these games from Playstore.


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