Top 10 Best Launchers for Android 2022

This is the list of the Ten Best and fastest launchers for Android to stylize and customize your Android like a pro. You can apply all these android launchers to devices having Android 9, Android 10, Android 11, Android 12, or the latest one. 

Best and Fastest Launchers for Android

Android provides the facility of customization. You can apply an external launcher instead of an in-built Android launcher to test and enjoy new features. The main and most interesting thing is, that you can customize your mobile according to your will. 

Best and Fastest Android Launchers

The best and fast launcher should not hang your Android phone, and an external launcher should not crash the apps or should not use the ram too much. A good launcher should:

  • Use less Ram
  • Ads free 
  • Fast and Unique 
  • Supports Icon Packs 
  • Supports External Features 
  • Stylise Your Android Phone 
  • Have Custome Features.

There are a lot of launchers on Playstore, but these are the best and fast launchers for Android. You can choose any of these. All these launchers have all the qualities mentioned above. Following are the best, fast, and ad-free launchers to stylize your Android like a pro. 

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1- Microsoft Launcher 

Microsoft Launcher is a great and stunning Android Launcher offered by Microsoft Corporation. MS Launcher has 50M+ downloads on Google Play Store and an excellent user rating. 

Microsoft Launcher - Best Launcher for Android

Microsoft Launcher is a lightweight, fast, Ads-free, and secure launcher for Android. The Microsft Launcher provides data safety for its users. Microsoft says that Microsoft Launcher is:

  • Fast and Smooth 
  • Ads-Free 
  • Secure 
  • No data sharing with 3rd parties 
  • Data is encrypted in Transit
  • Request for Deleted Data 
  • Required OS: Android 5.1 & up

There are also several options to customize your Android. Microsoft Launcher has a dark mode facility. You can run this launcher easily on any device and it is a lightweight, fast, and smooth launcher for Android. 

You can link Android Phones with Windows easily to enhance your productivity and for file sharing between Android and Windows. Overall the best and fast launcher that supports all types of things we expect from a launcher. 

2- Nova Launcher 

Nova Launcher is a popular and well-known Android launcher available on Google Play Store for free. Nova Launcher is offered by TeslaCoil Software and has 50M+ downloads on Google Play Store. 

Nova Launcher is a fast, smooth, ads-free, and customizable launcher for Android. Nova Launcher is well-known for its customization and its availability and support by other 3rd party apps to apply icons, themes, and wallpapers. 

Nova Launcher has:

  • Customizable App Drawer 
  • Custom Icon Support 
  • Gestures and Inputs 
  • Ads-free
  • Dark themes 
  • Customizable icons 
  • Support by 3rd party apps
  • Required OS: Android 8 & up

You can download and apply custom Widgets, Icon packs, and many more things on your Android mobile using Nova Launcher as it has support for all. Overall the best launcher if you want to customize your home screen. 

3- Ratio: Productivity Homescreen

The ratio launcher is a perfect launcher if you want to avoid distractions in your Android. The ratio launcher has a minimalistic view of the homescreen. In other words, you cannot edit your homescreen as this launcher is for minimalism lovers. 

Ratio Launcher - Best minimalist launcher for Android

Ratio: Productivity Homescreen launcher has 500K+ downloads on Google Playstore and a very good rating from its users. It is among one of the best releases in 2020 on the Google play store - Android Police.

Ratio launcher has:

  • Organized Apps 
  • All messages in one inbox
  • Stunning Widgets 
  • Quick Actions 
  • Dark Mode 
  • Focus Mode
  • Required OS: Android 8.1 & up

Ratio Productivity homescreen launcher has a few important words on the homescreen like Productivity, Messaging, Lifestyle, and more. These show the app categories on your phone. You can open any category directly from the homescreen. 

Ratio launcher has some features that you can use after getting Ratio Membership for better experiecne. 

 4- Lawnchair 2

If you are looking for a lightweight, smooth, fast, and easy-to-operate launcher for your Android smartphone then Lawnchair 2 is one of the small, and smooth launchers on the Google Play Store. 

Lawnchair 2 launcher is one of the most liked, lightweight launchers for Android. Lawnchair is known for its lightweight size of 5MB only. Lawnchair launcher has 1M+ downloads on Google Play Store and a very nice positive rating. 

Lawnchair 2 has:

  • Professional Homescreen 
  • Icon Packs
  • in-built Dock + Drawer
  • Gestures 
  • Easy Customizations 
  • Backup facility 
  • Required OS: Android 5 & up.

If you are looking for an Alternative to the Nova launcher, Lawnchair is the best alternative. Lawnchair 2 provides all the essential features for Android phones to be handled easily and look as you want. 

5- AIO Launcher 

A minimalistic launcher with some advancements. If you are a minimalism lover then this is another launcher similar to the Ratio launcher mentioned above. 

AIO Launcher - Best Minimalist launcher for Android

AIO Launcher has 500K+ downloads on the Google Play Store and has an excellent rating with a great user experience. AIO launcher collects data but it is not shared with 3rd parties. 

AIO Launcher has:

  • Stylish Widgets & Themes 
  • Professional App Drawer 
  • Multi Icon Shapes 
  • Gestures 
  • Tasker Integration 
  • Required OS: Android 5 & up

AIO launcher provides everything on a single homescreen. All necessary widgets, apps, and notifications. There are different themes and layouts for you. AIO launcher has different themes and support for external icon packs and wallpapers. 

6- Niagara Launcher 

Another type of minimalism with colors and stylish animations is Niagara Launcher. Niagara Launcher provides a simple homescreen with a simple clock widget, But the functionality and the way to use the launcher are interesting. 

Niagara Launcher has 1M+ downloads on the Google playstore and very high positive ratings. Niagara launcher says:

A minimalist productivity launcher. One hand-friendly. Zero Ads. 

Niagara launcher is made for staying focused with zero disturbance. The notification apps are shown on the homescreen and you can access the drawer easily. The most interesting thing in Niagara is its App Drawer. 

Niagara Launcher has:

  • Adaptive list of Apps 
  • Wave Animation for Drawer
  • Ads free experience
  • Embedded Notifications 
  • Light and Fast Launcher 
  • Decluttered Homescreen 
  • Required OS: Android 5 & up 

Niagara is the best minimalist launcher if you want to have a colorful and stylish look with some professional and advanced elements on the homescreen. Niagara is a simple, fast, and pro-looking launcher. 

7- X Launcher 

There are some Android users who want to enjoy the theme and look of IOS. X Launcher is one of the launchers that provides Apple OS looks. 

X Launcher has 5M+ downloads on the Google Play Store and absolutely a very good rating. X Launcher has all the themes and icons similar to Apple Operating System. You can enjoy the look and feel of IOS while using an Android phone. 

X Launcher has:

  • IOS Icons 
  • IOS Control Center 
  • Theme Store 
  • Apple's App Manager 
  • Hide Apps 
  • Left Screen
  • Required OS: Android 5 & up

You can have an IOS homescreen with IOS icon styles and an app manager. The control center is also very much similar to IOS. There are also some widgets available for your homescreen. 

8- Interactive Launcher

The first launcher in our list comes with Voice Search, and speech recognition options. Interactive Launcher is a small launcher with only a few MBs in size. A launcher with an advanced app drawer and professional features. 

Interactivity launcher - Best voice launcher for Android

Interactive Launcher is a newly made launcher and is unknown yet. It has 50K+ downloads on the Google Play Store and has a very good positive rating.  

Interactive Launcher has:

  • Voice Assistant 
  • Quick Search Feature
  • Smart Voice Notes 
  • Custom Voice Commands
  • Custom Shortcuts 
  • Interactive UI 
  • Required OS: Android 9 & up
A very good launcher that comes with the unique features of voice search and custom voice commands, and an advanced app drawer. You can create new skills in this app, for example, you can set a custom voice for a particular task to be done automatically. 

9- Apex Launcher Classic 

A launcher for Android that has full customization features for your homescreen and for a complete new look. Developed by Android Does Team for all Android users. 

Apex Launcher Classic has 1M+ downloads on playstore and comes with a nice positive user rating. A great launcher for the complete personalization of your smartphone. You can have a new homescreen with custom gestures and shortcuts

Apex Launcher has:

  • Customized Homescreen 
  • Hide Apps facility 
  • Custom Gestures 
  • Shortcuts for homescreen 
  • Personalized Themes 
  • Customization with Settings 

Apex Launcher classic has many more features and a very simple and easy-to-use User Interference. You can use this launcher if you want custom gestures and shortcuts on your homescreen. Overall a very nice launcher for your Android. 

10- OLauncher. Minimal AF Launcher

One of the smallest apps on the google play store. The size of the OLauncher is less than 1MB. This shows how simple and lightweight it is. OLauncher is a minimalist launcher that shows only the app's names on the homescreen to avoid disturbance. 

OLauncher is a very much simple and minimalist launcher with 100K+ downloads on the Google Playstore. It has a very good rating from the users. 

OLauncher has:

  • Quick App Search 
  • New Wallpapers every day 
  • Minimal View 
  • Ads free 
  • Super Clean Homescreen

Must try this lightweight and smallest launcher for your Android smartphone to enjoy the minimal view and zero distractions without ads and even icons. 


1- Is using Launcher good for Android?

Yes, Absolutely. It depends on your choice of the launcher. If you have installed a clean launcher it would provide a better experience, but if you install a launcher that is full of ads and distractions, it would surely provide the worst experience. 

2- Which is the fastest / lightest launcher for Android?

A lightweight app is faster than a heavy app. OLauncher is among the smallest launchers for Android with a simple and clean UI. O launcher is the fastest launcher for Android.  

3- How do I make my Android Minimalist?

You can use a minimalist launcher to make your android look minimalist. O launcher, Niagara Launcher, and AIO Launcher are the best minimalist launchers. There are some more on our List. 

4- Which launcher is best for Android?

We recommend Microsoft Launcher, Nova Launcher, and Niagara launcher as the best launchers for Android. However, all the above-mentioned launchers are very good and have huge positive ratings. 


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