Most Useful Android Apps having size less than 1MB

Are you looking for the best free android apps having sizes of less than 1MB? It seems interesting. This list shows Interesting Apps and some Smallest Apps on Google Play Store. 

Mobile apps are becoming famous and popular day by day. Some apps are for Productivity, some are for entertainment and some are for daily life usage. This list contains useful and must-have android apps which are less than 1MB in size. 

Small and Useful Apps for Android

Nowadays, some mobile phones come with high storage and ram, but also some come with low specifications. If you want to enjoy the fun of small apps that are also useful for you, this list of useful android apps is for you. 

In this list, some are must-have android apps and some are interesting apps to use and some are the best apps to download to increase your productivity, entertainment experience, and customization of your phone. 

1- Darker (Screen Filter)

The darker app is available on the Google Play Store with a small size of 75KB and has 1M+ downloads. Best for diming your display to a lower level and filtering out your display. Especially useful if you use your phone at night. 

Amazing useful app for the screen. The name of this app tells that it is the app to darken your screen. In modern and new mobile there is an option named Extra Dim, this feature dims your display to a minimum level. 

The darker app does two things. One it has extra dim feature and second, it has many filters for your screen. You can change the overall filter of your screen. Just select a color and apply. 

2- Click to Chat

Click to Chat is an app with 10M+ downloads. The number of downloads tells the significance of this app for your mobile. Useful app for WhatsApp, you don't need to save a number in your contact list if you want to chat with that person. 

Download Click to Chat, select the country or write the code of the country manually, enter the number or paste it if you have copied it. After that, you will be able to start chatting on your WhatsApp without saving that number in your contacts. 

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3- Twitter Lite 

Twitter is an app used by everyone. This app is a social media platform for knowing about daily life trends around the globe. You can post your pictures, videos, and links and can see others' posts as you do on Facebook and other social media platforms. 

Twitter lite comes with a small size of 200KB and it has 10M+ downloads on Google Play Store. You can use the lite version of Twitter if your phone storage is full or you want to use the lite app. This has all the main features of the original Twitter app. 

4- J Touch

If you have an old phone, your keys for back and home are not working properly, or you want to try out the gesture feature like in new mobiles, then you can use this app. 

J Touch is a useful android app with a small size of 643KB on the Google Play Store. You can use this app for custom gestures. It is only useful for old mobile users who have out-of-order keys for back, home, and recent apps. 

5- Easy Screen Recorder 

A small screen recorder for low-end devices to recode your screens easily. Useful screen recording app if your device is not compatible with high and better screen recorders. 

This is a screen recording app for low-end devices. Easy, simple, and fast screen recorder. Record your screen with 1080p or according to your screen resolution. You can set the high bitrate and high fps like 60. This screen recorder has all the features of a good screen recorder app. 

Use the easy screen recorder app if your device lags and hangs during recording with other apps. You can easily record your screen and can make tutorial videos. 

6- VIA Browser

Another smallest app on the play store in the category of Browsers. If you have chrome or any other browser and your browser stucks while browsing then this VIA Browser is for you. 

VIA Browser has 1MB of size and 10M+ downloads on the Google play store. Another good thing about this browser is that it has a 4.5-star rating. These stats tell the usefulness of this browser. 

Minimalistic design, fast browsing, customization, and small size make this browser unique.  Customize your browser according to your will and browse quickly and securely. This app loads very fast due to its small size. Use this if your phone is slow or you want to experience fast browsing. 

7- Renegade Launcher

Renegade launcher is the smallest launcher on the Google Play Store. I guarantee that you have not seen such a small launcher on the internet. Renegade launcher has a size of 200KB and 100k+ downloads. It also has 4.3 star rating. 

A small launcher with all the useful and required tools for your device. Light-Weight, simple, and fast-loading launcher for your mobile. If you want to try a new experience with another type of minimalist browser then try this out. 

8- Empty Folder Cleaner

A wonderful app to delete all your empty folders taking up space in your internal storage of mobile. Forget all the cleaning apps of big size, this app will let you delete extra and useless folders from your device. 

Empty Folder Cleaner app has a size of 0.92 MB and 1M+ downloads on the Google Play Store. It has 4.4-star rating which tells its usefulness. 

You see three options when you open this app, One Scan Empty Folders, Two Delete empty folders from internal storage, and three delete empty folders from the SD card. You can delete empty folders very easily. 

9- Google Weather

There are a lot of weather checking apps available on the Google Play Store, but all of these are rather bigger in size of show ads while running. These apps are not much trusted by anyone. 

Let's see the weather shortcut provided by Google itself. You can use the shortcut for the weather to know about today's, tomorrow, or the next 10 days of weather according to your location. And this shortcut shows weather details accurately. 

Go to the Google app on your phone, and search Weather near me,  now it will tell you the weather and also you will see an icon of three dots, click that and add this to the home screen. You got the weather shortcut. It automatically updates your location and shows weather details. 

10- Atomic Bomber 

Atomic Bomber is a small game with a tiny size of 871KB and this simple and tiny game has 5M+ downloads on the Google Play Store. Play this game just for fun and enjoyment. This small game can be played to pass your short time easily. 


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