10 Best Apps to Customize Android like a PRO

Android is becoming popular day by day as it provides the facility to customize it completely the way you want. There are millions of Android apps available on the Google playstore that can help you to customize your Android smartphone like a pro. 

Best apps for Android customization

What is meant by Android Customization? Customization means that you change the look and feel of your smartphone. You change the widgets, wallpaper, icon pack, and theme of your smartphone. In this way, you can make your smartphone look as you want it to. 

Best Customization Apps for Android

This is the list of the best and most useful customization apps for Android. This list of customization apps for Android includes the best apps for your Wallpapers, launchers, Icon Packs, Quick Settings, and more settings. 

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Apps having sizes less than 1MB

There are some apps to customize your Android smartphone but some of them are for developers and some are pre-installed on your smartphones like google developer console or play store console, android 12, and talkback features. These apps are not included in this list. 

1- Keys Cafe 

Keys Cafe is an awesome keyboard app better than your inbuilt keyboard. This keyboard app has different unique features that are really eye-catchy for everyone. 

Keys Cafe provides a lot of keyboard themes with different solid colors and mind-blowing neon images. These keyboard themes have different types of buttons for your keyboard. 

Another feature of the Keys Cafe app is that it has animations when you press the keys. You can set themes, animations, and colors according to your preference. 

key cafe app to customize android phone

You can also explore wonderful stickers and emojis for WhatsApp and also text emojis called ASCII Art. In short, the keys cafe app has all the wonderful features that you need to customize your keyboard in Android.  

2- Tapet

Tapet is next generation advanced wallpaper app that provides you HD wallpapers of different patterns, colors, and effects. You can customize your wallpapers with one tap. Tapet provides you with wallpapers of different types, another amazing thing is that you can change them according to your will. 

The Tapet app has wallpapers like geometric wallpapers, dark wallpapers, and abstract wallpapers. You just need to open the app and scroll right to change the color of the selected app and scroll left to change the wallpaper. you can set color preferences too. 

3- Super Status Bar

The status bar has been changing as the versions of Android are changing. We have seen the versions of Android as Android 9, Android 10, Android 11, and Android 12. The status bar shows the notification icons and time and other necessary things. 

Super Status Bar comes with unique features that a common inbuilt status bar does not have. You can control the Brightness, Volume through the status bar using the super status bar app. You can see the notifications in a unique way without getting a pop-up on your screen. 

4- Cometin

Cometin App is a blessing app for users who do not have the new and latest features of Android on their smartphones. The latest and most interesting smartphone features like:

  • Always on display 
  • Wave to wake 
  • New notifications 
  • Custom ROM features 

You can actually make your smartphone look as you want it to. The old mobile phones do not have features like always on display and raise to wake. You can easily enjoy these amazing features without installing any type of Custom Rom in your smartphone. 

5- Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher is an official launcher made by Microsoft for mobile phones. The amazing features of this launcher are Customization and connection between windows and your smartphone. 

Microsoft Launcher

By using Microsoft Launcher you can easily use windows apps like "Link your phone" to transfer data between your windows computer and your Android smartphone. Another thing is the customization of your mobile. Microsoft Launcher is a fast and smooth launcher with all the required features.   

6- Icon Pack Studio

Icon pack studio is an advanced icon pack app made for custom customization as you want. You have listened to different icon pack apps but have you listened about an icon pack app that not only provides you with pre-designed icons but also lets you create your own icons

Yes, you can create and customize your icons completely. You can design your own icon packs with a powerful in-built editor in Icon Pack Studio. You just need to select an icon pack and then export it and insert it using a launcher. 

You will need an external launcher to install the icons, like Nova launcher, Microsoft Launcher.

7- Volume Styles  

When you increase or decrease your mobile's volume, the bars are shown on the side of the screen and the bars are very typical and do have not much fun also they are not customizable. But the Volume Styles are here for the customization of volume bars. 

You have pre-designed presets and you can also design your own bars according to your will. This app is amazing as it provides amazing presets for volume bars. 

8- Fluid Simulation 

The most in-demand and visible live wallpaper app with 10M+ downloads on Google Play Store. 

fluid stimulation app for customization wallpaper

You can set a wallpaper that moves when you scroll on your phone's screen.  It is a fluid type of wallpaper that comes with RGB colors. You can set:

  • Fluid Speed 
  • Fluid Color 
  • Fluid
and many more customizations are available in this small fluid simulation app. Must try this wallpaper app, it is a really amazing live wallpaper app. 


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