Top 10 Must-Have Most Useful Android Apps

Apps are becoming popular day by day. Some apps are made for Entertainment, some apps are made for Productivity, and some are made for Social Communication (Social Media). This is the list of the ten best and must-have apps for you. 

Top 10 Must-Have Most Useful Android Apps

This is the list of the Best, most useful, and most Interesting Android Apps that everyone should have on his phone. These apps are equally important for all. Try out these apps and enjoy their usage. All of these apps are available on Google's Play Store

10 Must-have Android Apps 

This is the list of Android apps that are useful apps and interesting apps. This list includes no games, but productive apps for you. You must have these mobile apps installed on your smartphone. These apps will be helpful in your daily life. Let's know about these apps. 

1- Google News

Google News is the best app to stay up-to-date. You can see the latest news about your country as well as other countries. You can always select categories in which you want to see updates i.e: Technology. 

The best thing about the Google News app is that it provides you the facility to get full news coverage. This does not tell news from only one resource but many at a time and you can always access other sources of specific information by going to the full coverage feature. 

2- Edx

The best educational app is Edx on which you can learn a lot of skills from famous universities for free. You can learn from the professors of MIT, Harvard, Oxford, and many others for free. You can select a category of skill you want to learn and then select a suitable source. 

You can do short courses as well as complete degrees like Master's degrees and Bachelor's degrees. But you have to pay for degrees. However, you can do short courses for free. Let's see which type of courses are available on Edx. 

  • Business and Management
  • Computer Science
  • Data Analysis and Statistics 
  • Humanities 
  • Languages 
  • Design 
  • Economics 
  • Engineering 

and many more educational categories of subjects. You can select a category and can start learning from any of the given courses of that category. But if you want to earn certification at these universities you have to pay them. The whole course is free, but certification is not. 

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3- Vurforia Chalk 

See what I see, this is the slogan of this app. Vurforia Chalk is a video calling app by which you can draw on your screen and the other person on the call can see the drawing. 

Vurforia Chalk

This app is quite helpful if you are contacting a plumber or doctor, you can draw on the things you want to show them. This app can be used for Online classes and you can teach students how to perform a specific practice or task. 

4- Microsoft Office 

The most used software and app of Microsoft. Everyone must have the whole setup of Microsoft Office on his computer and mobile. Microsoft Office includes: 
  • MS Word 
  • MS PowerPoint 
  • MS Excel 

and some more apps. These mentioned apps are essential apps you must have on your smartphone. MS Word is for viewing and making documents, MS PowerPoint is used for making and viewing presentations, and MS Excel is used for making sheets and calculating data making. 

5- Zedge

How do you feel, if you have a good smartphone but not good fonts, wallpapers, and ringtones? Zedge provides you quality wallpapers and Ringtones. You can see, set, and save HD wallpapers in Zedge. 

The best thing about the Zedge app is that it has all types of wallpapers, and also Live Wallpapers. You can download and set wallpapers by spending the Z coins. You can get these coins by watching a short ad or by a cheap subscription to this app. 

6- Google Files 

Google Files is a file explorer and files manager for your smartphone. All the new Android Phones have this pre-installed but if you don't have must try this simple and easily understandable files manager. 

This app divides your videos, apps, photos, and documents. You can access them from the starting menu or the folders option. This app provides simple tools and ways to move or copy-paste your files across the mobile or Sd card. 

7- Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is a famous and unique launcher for mobiles. You can customize different settings on your smartphone that a simple or in-built launcher cannot do. Nova Launcher has support for gestures. This launcher does not show ads.

Nova Launcher can apply different icon packs, wallpapers, and fonts. You can find the nova launcher option in all the icon pack apps. They support the Nova Launcher app for new and old icons. Nova Launcher is absolutely free but one or two features are paid. 

8- Duck Duck Go / Brave 

Privacy is very much important while surfing the internet. If you want to search and surf privately then you must have a browser like duck-duck or brave that claims not to record any of your activity and they are advertisement-free browsers. 

You can access duck duck via its websites and can search queries as we do on, but you have to download the brave app if you want to use this. You will see all the main features of a browser in these two.

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