Top and Best Websites to get Free illustrations

Illustrations are a very good and creative way to present something to others. Illustrations are 2D or 3D objects used in Graphic Designing. Here is the list of top and the best websites to download different unique illustrations for free. 

Best Websites to get Free Illustrations

There are a lot of websites on the internet providing illustrations for designers, but these are mostly paid websites. You have to purchase their membership or have to pay for each illustration. You can buy those illustrations if you want.

Free illustration websites

But why would you buy an illustration if the similar one is available for free on some other website? Yes, We are going to tell you some top, well-known and unique websites to get pro and creative illustrations for free. 

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Glaze Stock is a free illustration website. This website is providing various pro-looking illustrations for free to the designers. Every illustration is of high quality and easily downloadable. 

There are different categories of illustrations available on Glaze. Some of them are given below. 

  • People 
  • Background
  • Business
  • Team Work 
  • Places
  • Technology 
  • Travel 
  • Animals 

You can always download any of your favorite illustrations for free. There is any type of restriction or difficulty in downloading the illustrations. You just need to select your illustration and click the download button. 


A website that not only provides different illustrations but packs of illustrations for free. How cool it feels that you are looking for a collection of illustrations of a specific category and you get a pack of those illustrations for free. 

Top and Best Websites to get Free illustrations

Drawkit gives you many illustration packs for free to download and use anywhere. It includes 2D and 3D illustrations for you with packs of multiple items. There are packs of illustrations with different categories like:

  • Education 
  • 3D Characters 
  • 3D Icons 
  • Digital Marketing
  • Love & Dating
  • Team Work 
  • Landscapes

and many more are available for free. There are more creative packs on this website that are not free but paid for. You can purchase them if you want but many of the packs are free to download. 


Many pixels is a free illustrations site providing free-of-cost decent illustrations to its users. You can avail of this website to get 2D and neat illustrations and icons for free. 

The Many pixels is not providing everything for free but some of its resources are absolutely free. You just need to navigate to the Resources tab and click Free illustrations and the section of free icons is also available. 

You can always customize your illustrations and icons before downloading them. You can select the illustration category and then the main color for the illustration. After customization, you can easily download the resources. 


Undraw is among the most popular and well-known graphic websites. Undraw is known for its decent and clean illustrations for free. You can easily access the illustrations after opening the site. 

There are two types of illustrations available on this site. One is Graphic illustrations and the other is hand-drawn illustrations. Like other graphic illustration websites, you can always customize your illustration or logo, or icon before downloading. 


A large and unique library of hand-drawn illustrations. These hand-drawn illustrations are so clean and excellent. Open Peeps provides you with illustrations like Avatars. The faces of males and females are drawn as illustrations. 

If you want to get black and white avatars for your projects you can always use this free illustration website to get creative and awesome illustrations. Three types of illustrations are available on this site. 

  • Busts
  • Standing 
  • Sitting
These are postures for the illustrations. One avatar can be downloaded in these three positions for free. Hurry up and check these websites. 


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